Poetry. In 2016 Latonya Pennington Asks ‘Ain’t I a Woman?’

Ain’t I A Woman?

Not a hoochie,
or prop for hire?

Ain’t I a woman
that’s complex,
not just a symbol
for sex?

don’t tell me who I am!
Your depiction
of me
is fiction
that’s a sham!

I am a complex puzzle
whose pieces
are made from stained glass.

I ask
for the sun’s blast
so my rainbow shows
at last.

I am a queen
who can part a room
like Moses.

I am roses
with a sweet scent
and sharp thorns.

I am the morn
that turns skies
pink and gold.

Ain’t I quite a woman to behold?

Art: Tschabalala Self, “Barbie,” 30″ x 22.5,″ oil and gouache on paper, 2012

Ain’t I A Woman

About the Author

Latonya Pennington is a freelance writer and rising poet from Alabama. As a freelance writer, she has written for places such as Atlanta Blackstar and The Mary Sue. She is also a proud black girl nerd who loves fantasy and sci-fi, American and Japanese animation, reading books, and learning about black music history.