Police Brutality Survivor Breaion King Attends The Oscars.

Breaion King, Traffic Stop

Breaion King, the subject of the Oscar-nominated documentary Traffic Stop, walked the red carpet and attended the 90th annual Academy Awards last night.

Directed by Kate Davis, Traffic Stop tells the story of King’s violent arrest after she was stopped for a routine traffic violation in June of 2015. The incident, which occured in Austin, Texas where King works as a school teacher, made national news at the time. Within weeks, she was contacted by the creators of Traffic Stop about making her story the focus of a documentary.

Caught on police dashcams, King was pulled from her car by the arresting officer, repeatedly thrown to the ground and handcuffed. En route to jail in a squad car, she engaged in a revealing conversation with her escorting officer about race and law enforcement in America. The documentary juxtaposes dashcam footage with scenes from King’s everyday life, offering a fuller portrait of the woman caught up in this unsettling encounter.

“I still don’t believe it,” King told the Austin American-Statesman before she left for California to attend the award show. “So I’m kind of like, meh, I’m going to the Oscars. But I definitely feel like I accomplished my goal.”

Traffic Stop is currently showing on HBO. Watch a trailer below.