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Her Yesterday Vintage, Black-Owned Shops, Black-Owned Vintage Shops

Her Yesterday Vintage is the Oakland, California based brainchild of three friends living in different parts of the United States. Sasha, Mercedes and Janjay share similar creative vision and a drive to represent themselves and create a positive representation of black women using the medium of pre-loved fashion. The shop features eclectic, fashion-forward, pieces with an eye towards current sensibility and smart styling. And most of these awesome pieces are under $20! We recently had the chance to chat with Her Yesterday’s Creative Director, Sasha Kelley.

What inspired you to open Her Yesterday Vintage?
Her Yesterday Vintage was inspired by various conversations amongst friends, SashaKelley, Mercedes Torrey & Janjay Matthews, tracing back to 2010. We were all really getting into thrift, molding a style for ourselves.

Fast forward to 2012. There was an abundance of conversations surrounding the image ofthe black woman, “who is she / who are we.” Collectively we were driven to create ourown vision in the likeness of ourselves.

What three words best describe the Her Yesterday Vintage aesthetic?
Real. Women. Now.

Her Yesterday Vintage, Black-Owned Shops, Black-Owned Vintage Shops

What are your celebrity style icons?
“A Different World”, “Boomerang”

What are the best selling items at Her Yesterday Vintage?
Along with the online store, we also host pop-up shops at various art & culture spaces and events. This is when we are able to present our full inventory & really engage. What sells best is really crafted by the energy of the day.

Name one “Must Have” item at Her Yesterday Vintage?
Everything is a must have, all of our pieces are vintage finds.

Her Yesterday Vintage, Black-Owned Shops, Black-Owned Vintage Shops

What items/styles/designers do you hope see at Her Yesterday Vintage in the future?
We are currently working on handcrafted afro-futurist accessories [editor’s note: we can’t wait!], as well as, a collection of re-purposed, hand-screened tops that blend black culture iconography & textile design.

For the future we are diving deeper into conceptual collections. Everyone within the team is
a designer within their own right, so we are using Her Yesterday as a platform to express

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about yourself or about Her Yesterday Vintage?
From fashion curation to marketing to branding to visual design, we are young black woman doin’it.

Shop online at: Her Yesterday Vintage