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Owned by sibling team LaDana Tate, 24, & Stelljes Tate, 28, Lita Nicole features on-trend, fashion-forward finds, that are wearable and affordable. We recently had a chance to chat with the young entrepeneurs and we learned what’s in store for Lita Nicole.

What inspired you to open LitaNicole?
Our inspiration comes from women that are about everyday fashion, being stylish, cutting edge and love top quality products at a reasonable price. We provide clothing that you can mix and match, so people will never know what you are going to wear next. We were inspired to open LitaNicole because of the way fashion is headed. Fashion is more about expressing yourself and following your own style. We want our customers to always be their selves and enjoy fashion when wearing a product from LitaNicole. LitaNicole customers can vary from the supermodel runway type of woman to the everyday woman, we strive to have all our customers feeling confident in her own self and not afraid to express it while wearing our products. We will always provide products suitable for every woman and every possible occasion, from attending a wedding or just a night out with the ladies. We always say “be yourself” because many people in this world follow the media or feel as though if they are not the typical Barbie type, they are not accepted in this world. We are all different in our own unique way and we should always embrace the talents and gifts we all possess. Our inspiration also comes from our family, we belong to a family that is truly about being your own person and being confident in everything you do in life. We were taught to never change for anyone, always be yourself, carry yourself with respect and treat others with the same level of respect. In our everyday lives as well as our business we try to carry that traditional on and make sure we are being role models for our family, friends and customers.

Stelljes Tate, LaDana Tate, Lita Nicole Boutique, Black Owned Businesses

What three words best describe the LitaNicole aesthetic?
Versatile, sophistication, edgy

What are your celebrity style icons?
Solange, we love her style and how she is so free with expressing herself through her clothing. You never know what she is going to do next! One minute she may have patterns from top to bottom, and then you may see her with just a straight solid look of one color hue. She always pulls her looks off perfect.

Anne Hathaway is also one of our style icons, what we love about her is that she evolved into her style. When she first step into Hollywood scence she wasn’t personal peoples favorite when it came to fashion. But once she evolved into her own personality her style turned into something amazing! Her style is stunning, very city chic.

Zoe Saldana is someone who is definitely our style icon! She always delivers singular style. She is very versatile and always gives you something new. Never afraid to experiment with her look, is what we try to inspire and provide to our customers.

What are the best selling items at LitaNicole?
The best-selling items at LitaNicole are our maxi dresses and shirts. We always provide a dress that is very different, looks great on any body type, and can be transitional. With our shirts they are all so fun and flirty that you can wear them to any occasion and match them up with any of your favorite bottoms in your wardrobe.

Stelljes Tate, LaDana Tate, Lita Nicole Boutique, Black Owned Businesses

Name one “Must Have” item at LitaNicole?
Our “must have” item would be our black dress, we always want to give women, a great black dress that she can wear casual or add any accessory that will dress it up.

What items/styles/designers do you hope see at LitaNicole in the future?

In the future we hope to continue to bring the same edgy and versatile style as we currently offer to our customers. We also hope to carry in the future designers such as Mink Pink, Free People, Hudson Jeans and Current Elliot just to name a few.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about yourselves or about LitaNicole?
Please follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and like our Facebook page. We always provide coupon codes and also you will see pictures of our customers wearing our clothing and accessories.

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