SNL Highlights. Nicki Minaj Does Her Best Beyoncé Impression Plus an Unaired Ferguson Sketch.

Saturday Night Live Nicki Minaj

This past Saturday’s episode of Saturday night live was pretty lackluster overall, with way more misses that hits. There was a lot of stumbling over lines, confusing sketches, not enough Sasheer Zamara, and too much Leslie Jones. The two high points were Nicki Minaj’s impression of her “flawless” collaborator Beyoncé and a pretty hilarious “Anaconda” reference. She also tried her hand at a pretty flat Kim Kardashian impression. Overall, it seemed like she straining to work with the material she was given.

There was also a pretty awkward Ferguson sketch that was cut for time, featuring morning two newscasters attempting to vacillate between fluffy morning news fare and recent events. At certain points the sketch just went into blatant dark comedy territory.