Spanish Teen Wins Battle With Zara After Launching Petition Over Sizing.


After a petition launched by 18-year-old Anna Riera from Spain gained nearly 100,000 signatures, Zara is now stocking size XXL in its online stores. This isn’t the first time the teen has called out Inditex, Zara’s parent company. Riera previously launched a petition to get the brand to stop ban “anorexic mannequins.” That endeavour also ended in a victory.

“It is not only denying people the right to be able to shop in the most well-known stores in the world, but it is also saying that large sizes are not normal sizes, are not sizes that can be bought in any clothing shop,” Riera wrote in her petition. “We need to start designing for people, not for stereotypes. We need to let go of labeling and discriminating against ourselves because we do not wear clothing according to our own physical sizes, but according to our personalities.”

When it comes to fast fashion, Zara is considered the cream of the cop. The Spanish-based brand offers an ever-changing collection of modern, well-curated looks that are always on trend. Zara pieces are regularly spotted on many a blogger or fashion celebrity.

But, despite having stores in major cities all over the world, and serving a diverse group of shoppers, over the years many fashionistas have called foul on Zara’s sizing.

In 2012, following a news report about the lack of plus size options at Zara, the brand did not answer any questions about its sizing. The retailer’s silence lead many to rightfully assume that we wouldn’t be seeing an expanded sizes at Zara in the near future.

The newly added size might be an indication of things to come for the brand. In 2013, Mango, another popular Spanish retailer, launched new plus size line, Violeta. Mango had also faced criticism over its sizing.