Strategies for Choosing a Travel Destination in 2022

Travel and tourism have faced serious challenges over the past few years, with the world experiencing a drop of hundreds of millions of international tourists in the first 10 months of 2020. As is the case with other industries, however, travel is bouncing back, with travelers adapting their habits and industry providers racing to meet new demands. If you are tired of staying home and you’re already dreaming about tanning on a beach in the Maldives, camping in a nature reserve close to your home, or whiling away your cares at a wellness resort, keep the following considerations in mind to find your perfect destination.

Identifying Your Needs

Think back to the past few months or years and try to identify an aspect in your life that needs a shakeup. Do you lack time and do you find it tough to enjoy concerts, museums, or other cultural pursuits? Do you have a high-stress job and dream of a wellness escape that addresses your issues from the inside-out? Does nothing fulfill you like being in the presence of animals, preferably in their natural habitats? What is a paradise for one traveler can be punishment for another. When making your shortlist, choose options that will boost your physical health or mental wellbeing. The destination you select should feel like an authentic treat instead of comprising an over-packed agenda you feel you have to fulfill because an influencer, magazine, or friend deems it bucket list-worthy.

Choosing a Continent and Letting Destiny Decide

If your mind draws a blank or you feel overwhelmed by the number of destinations available, try to at least choose a continent. Once you do, go online and find a random destination picker. Agree with your travel companion to be truly open-minded and go to the chosen destination. This is a fabulous way to discover unexpected marvels of the world and it is reminiscent of the ‘dart on a map’ game that has featured in films and influencer content on social media. Find inspiration in the life of Jen and Bob Westerfield. This Ohio-based couple began the quirky tradition of throwing a dart onto a random place on the US map. They started when they were single but have continued the tradition ever since, even after having kids.

Refusing to Pin Yourself Down

A third approach that is particularly popular in the era of ‘the new normal’, is opting for a road trip. A recent study by Harvest Host has revealed that 2021 was ‘the year of the road trip’ and the trend isn’t going anywhere, given the current health situation and travel restrictions in some parts of the world. The Great American Road Trip has always been synonymous with freedom. You can have a general plan of destinations you’d like to visit along the way but the best thing about taking your own vehicle is that you can always change your plans at a whim. You may meet interesting people, discover places you’d like to enjoy for a longer time, or choose to sleep beneath the stars instead of staying at a hotel.

After two years of relative inertia, many families are hoping to travel soon and they are already making tentative plans for Easter and Summer 2022. To really play it safe, you may decide on taking a road trip, which will allow you to stay closer to home and adapt your plans as required. However, if you have your sites set on travel abroad, make sure your investment is worth every dime. Visit a destination that will add authentic meaning to your life or fulfil a strong need. If you wish to be a true maverick and leave it up to fate, throw a real or digital dart and go where the wind takes you. The good news is that travel is always a learning experience and it always creates memories to be cherished for a lifetime.