Support it. HANNAH. A Premier Magazine All About Celebrating Black Women.

HANNAH Magazine

HANNAH is an up and coming publication that hopes to celebrate black women by combining fashion, style, art, and sociopolitical issues.

“We’ve been looking at everyone else to include us in their pages and why not just create our own,” says HANNAH’s editor-in-chief Qimmah Saafir. “There are so many of us who are breaking records, busting through ceilings, changing the dynamics within all these different industries, really doing great and amazing things, but we’re constantly waiting for someone else to celebrate us.”

Saafir hopes to bring HANNAH to a newsstand near you. Earlier this year, she shared a preview of some of the articles and other content that would be featured in magazine on HANNAH’s website. After an outpouring of support she launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Now with 5 days to go, the campaign is only a little bit over halfway past its goal. Support HANNAH on Kickstarter.