The Ultimate Guide To The Best Work Bags For Men

Men aren’t limited to messenger bags or backpacks when buying work bags. There are many bags for different personalities and professionals. These come in various styles, fabrics, and colors. Also, some work bags for men are affordable and accessible despite being classy.

This ultimate guide will touch on different types of work bags for men and things to consider when choosing one. Read along to learn more.

1. Leather Laptop Bag

When you need to take your laptop into the office, then you’ll need a dedicated bag for it. Choosing a leather computer bag is more stylish than a nylon alternative, and it’ll age much better too. Also, a leather laptop bag never gets out of fashion.

Laptop Bag from Von Baer

2. The Folio

The folio is the current briefcase. Since there might be no need to carry hard copies to the office, it’s no longer necessary to carry a huge bag to the office, thanks to digital evolution.

Most bag manufacturing organizations are currently venturing into folio due to the high demand for leaner pouches for men. The folio comes with a zipped, wider silhouette for more old-school working men to ferry some paperwork.

3. The Tote

The tote is among the fashionable work bags for men. Besides defining your professionalism, this work bag serves as an accessory. A tote can carry several working items such as tablets, books, and others. Also, it has room for personal essentials like keys, wallet, and phone. As the tote bag hangs off the shoulders, it appears practical, especially considering its streamlined boxy shape.

The tote stands out as it’s less of a briefcase. This makes the bag perfect for work or weekend day-out. Choose your taste from a wide variety of cotton, canvas, and leather or assorted patterns to blend with your wardrobe. Since totes are unisex, avoid those with excess bling like metallic chains dangling from the handles. The tote should be simple with no compromise.

4. The Messenger

The messenger is an across-the-body bag, making it the best choice for people commuting via bikes. This bag comes with a flappy, buckled design and rectangular zipped-up varieties, perfect for camera storage.

However, the messenger bag might not be ideal for individuals wearing suits as its nature goes well with a casual look. When purchasing a messenger bag, choose a medium-sized one. Also, avoid long straps beyond your waistline to add class to your look.

5. The Duffel Bag

If you work in a gym, a duffel bag is a must-have. Also, this type of bag is suitable for working men who mostly travel out of town for work purposes. A duffel bag is a well-shaped spacious bag suitable for carrying office and personal essentials.

When shopping for a duffel bag, settle for a nylon or satin one as it’ll enhance your sporty aesthetic look, especially if the bag is trimmed with cotton canvas. On the other hand, a duffel made of wool is ideal, more so when in a casual look during your work trip.

Additionally, you should also consider the size when selecting a duffel bag. Keeping it under 55 cm wide makes it easy to carry even when fully parked. A duffel bag also has detachable straps for easy transformation.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Work Bags For Men

While some work bags for men are affordable, some are costly. Before paying for a specific bag, you should ensure that you’re making the right choice and it’ll last a while. To get a suitable bag, consider the following:

Bag’s Style

When shopping for the best work bag for men, it’s essential to settle for one that’s the right size, fabric, color, shape, and durability. If you need to ferry work essentials to and from the office, you might consider investing in a briefcase messenger bag. When in the suitable material, it can appear trendy and professional.

Comfort And Size

Size and comfort go hand in hand. With an oversized work bag, you’re more likely to be uncomfortable when carrying it. Before purchasing a bag, think of what you’ll be carrying to work and base your decision on it.

Waterproof Or Not

Depending on what you’ll be carrying to your workplace, it’s essential to figure out if the bag should be waterproof or not. For instance, if you carry valuables such as a laptop, tablet, or important papers, you should settle for a bag with waterproof capability, more so if you reside in a rainy region.


Color is also another consideration when choosing a work bag. However, this aspect shouldn’t be a pain in your throat as you only have to consider your outfit. For instance, if you wear a casual outfit to your place of work, a chestnut or chocolate bag might suit you. If you wear gray suits often, settle for black, olive green, or navy-blue bags.


Careless stitching and loose threads indicate bad quality. Investing in a high-quality bag means more years of service. For example, choosing bags made of leather might be a good idea as you’re guaranteed a high-quality bag that’ll last for quite some time. When shopping for a perfect bag, avoid paying less at quality’s expense.

The Use

A gym instructor might require a massive bag more than a managing director of an organization. Given that a person working at the gym requires extra attire and gym essentials, the folio might not serve them better due to its linear nature. Therefore, you should also consider the bag’s use to get the right size.


Gone are the days when men used to carry just any bag. Currently, there are countless men’s bags designed to add glamor and class to the bearer. Regardless of your professionalism, you can easily get a work bag that’ll add statements and define you.

However, to get the right work bag for men, you should consider the color, quality, etc. If you’re looking forward to purchasing a suitable work bag for men, the above information might help. Consider the ideas mentioned here before you buy.