This Product is Seriously Saving My Super Dry Skin This Winter.

Alba Botanica Unpetroleum Jely

Wintertime in New York means havoc for my poor skin. I’ve tried everything under the sun, from taking cooler showers, to mixing essential oils into my lotion. All of these methods sorta, kinda, worked. Thanks to the recommendation of an employee and Whole Foods, I think I finally found it — Alba Botanica’s Unpetroleum Jelly. I’ve been using it for months now, the results are amazing. No more dry, itchy skin after I peel off my skinny jeans or tights. The only downside to the product is that since no fragrance has been added to it, it has a weird faint smell, I can’t quite place, and it turns out pretty quickly. I recommend mixing it with a scented shea butter lotion, I prefer Nubian Heritage.