Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Themes and Styles

A wedding theme is your key to a fantastic ceremony. The most important fact you should keep in mind is that it is not easy to come up with a suitable style. You have to put in extra thought and do enough research to come up with a perfect theme. From modern to tropical themes; no need to worry, we have you covered. The following are some of our favorite wedding themes that might excite you.

The Romantic theme

This theme must fall in your top five list. The trick is in the lighting of the entire scene. Delicate lighting with hanging lights most probably chandeliers with a selection of floral brings out soft hues in a romantic wedding.

Alternative theme

This is a perfect style for an offbeat bride. With this theme, you can realize a traditional mood that is characterized by creative stand-ins and cool, moody stylized color pallets an indication of a bride who never settles for normal.

Gothic Theme

Step into the realm of dark elegance with a gothic clothing theme for your wedding. Illuminate the venue with subtle lighting, incorporating hanging chandeliers to complement the gothic ambiance. Embrace the richness of deep hues and intricate details in attire, creating a wedding style that exudes mystery and allure. If you’re an offbeat bride looking for a unique expression, the gothic theme adds a touch of dramatic flair to your special day.


Dig into human history and come up with a glamorous wedding theme that is unique. Base your décor on antiques like worn out chairs and weathered doors. Dress codes should also meet the order of the day; have the gentlemen dress in 1950s tuxedos with the bride’s gown correctly selected. To knock the theme home, pick a beautiful old vintage mobile and drive away in a classy 1923 Pontiac.

Rustic Theme

This is a simple but homey vibe type of theme. The venue has to be more of a rural setting with a rustic feel regarding décor, with beautiful string lights, lace, mason jars and plenty of wood. You can click here for related styles if this interest you.

Garden party

If you have a backyard setting in mind, then this is the ideal laid-back style that will blend perfectly with your type of outdoor experience. It is an intimate but more casual thing. This style can accommodate any gathering, and it is effortless to plan.

Bohemian theme

Few decorations should not miss from these types of wedding styles. These include an altar, aisle lined with vibrant colored rags and beautiful pillow decorations. These décor should be kept as simple as possible but still elegant. The bride should be perfect with a gown designed with an unfinished touch to depict a typical bohemian bride.

Art décor

This is one of the exciting themes. The wedding grounds are decorated with timeless art and style resembling the great Gatsby-era. Complete with fonts that are robust with gold and sparkles with a selection of geometrical shape and rich art collections.


With music, you have the freedom to adjust your theme to fit your favorite genre. A musical band is a necessity, select one of your favorite local bands to entertain your guests. Your décor should not lack different musical instruments, be it local or exotic, traditional or modern era. To keep the theme alive, invite some of the audience to the stage and have them perform.

For a brilliant event, all these themes will require proper planning; make use of the best event planners for a perfectly executed theme.