Top 6 Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Usually, it’s girlfriend’s who get the flack for being the ones who are difficult to shop for.

But in reality, it can be just as difficult, if not more, to pick out a present for a boyfriend. Many times, women get so stressed over what to get their boyfriend, that they end up just picking out a meaningless tie in a final moment of panic.

But, there are many cool, creative, and meaningful gift ideas out there that your boyfriend is sure to love.

Read on to learn the top 10 gift ideas for your boyfriend.

1. A Box of Merch

If your guy is a sports fan, then there’s no doubt that you’re well aware of his favorite teams.

Whether you’re cheering alongside him or not, any guy will appreciate the fact that you take note of the teams he’s into. And one great way to do this is with is with a gift box of the team’s merchandise.

You can find places to order these boxes online already pre-made. Or, you can make your own complete with his favorite player’s jersey, and other things with the team’s logo, such as a mug, blanket, hat or pen.

2. Alcohol

No, we don’t mean head to the liquor store and pick up a bottle of one buck chuck and call it good.

We also don’t mean you should buy the bottom shelf liquor you know that was your boyfriend’s go-to in college.

Alcohol can be a great gift, but you need to do it right. Start by figuring out his favorite type of alcohol, and then head to the liquor store and ask for recommendations for a semi-high to high end brand.

Your boyfriend will not only appreciate the fact that you know his favorite liquor, but also that you’re making an attempt to sophisticate his palette ( and maybe even lessen his hangovers!)

Also, if you’re feeling ambitious and you have some chops in the kitchen, you could also try infusing his favorite alcohol with some of his favorite flavors, such as whiskey infused with hazelnuts.

3. Clothing Accessories

We all know that gifting certain clothing accessories can scream ” I didn’t put any thought into this.” However, this isn’t true for all accessories.

For example, a nice pair of timeless sunglasses is something that nearly every man will appreciate. Or, a light denim jacket is a great layering piece he’ll wear all the time and think of you every time he does.

If you live in a place with harsh winters, you could get him some stylish boots. Just make sure you choose ones that will withstand the wear.

It’s also hard to go wrong with a new wallet, and this is something you don’t have to worry about getting the worn size in.

Lastly, nearly every man appreciates a nice looking watch. If your boyfriend is the sporty type, luxury sport watches make the perfect gift.

4. Fancy Up His Meals

Whether you’re guy is a master chef or more of a microwave man, he’ll undoubtedly appreciate anything you get him that helps take his meals to the next level. Whether you’re guy is a master chef or more of a microwave man, he’ll undoubtedly appreciate anything you get him that helps take his meals to the next level. And that could possibly be a high quality knife from

If your guy is into spicy food, for example, you could get him a range of different unique spicy sauces from a local shop.

If he’s got a sweet and salty tooth, how about some chocolate covered bacon? Or, if he loves making tacos for everyone, what about some taco holders to make everything look nicer?

And who can resist authentic Italian food?

Just think about your boyfriend’s go-to meals, and you’ll be sure to find something you can gift that will help enhance them.

5. Appeal to His Musical Side

Whether he can’t play an instrument to save his life or he’s a regular Mozart, there are many gifts out there that will appeal to his musical preferences.

If your boyfriend doesn’t already have some nice pair of headphones, these can make a great gift and one he’ll be sure to appreciate during his commute to work on the bus or while working out at the gym.

If he’s got an awesome record collection, he’ll go nuts over a classic record player. Or, if his favorite band happens to be in town soon, try and score some tickets to the show.

6. Help Him Step Up His Travel Style

When it comes time to travel, a lot of men just reach for an old suitcase they find in the back of the closet.

Gifting him a new luggage set will totally surprise him and help to travel in style.