Tyra Banks Pens Essay On The Future Of Beauty For The Wall Street Journal.

Tyra Banks Mega Magazine, Black Fashion Models
(image credit: Mega Magazine by Joshua Jordan)

If I had only one wish fulfilled in this lifetime, it would be to spend 24 hours in the mind of Tyra Banks. The legendary model recently shared her 10 predictions for where she thinks beauty standards are headed, ranging from skin color, body type, and plastic surgery and much more..

1. Plastic surgery will be as easy and quick as going to the drugstore for Tylenol. Emphasis will be on how unique and interesting one can look, as opposed to a cookie-cutter look. People will be vying for that cutting-edge, distinct look in the way that today celebs reach for baby names that defy convention.

2. There will be no hair extensions. If one wants longer locks, a hair-growing serum is applied to the scalp, and the length and thickness of the hair will increase in 24 hours. The popular hair texture of choice will be curly.

3. Global warming will threaten our crops so natural food will be scarce. Hourglass, curvy bodies will be the aspirational beauty standard, representing that those women have access to bounties of fulfilling yet healthy food, which means they are affluent.

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