Unique Color Combos To Consider For Your Wedding Décor

Choosing your wedding décor will be one of the defining features of your wedding day. Aside from that, the wedding colors will also be a significant factor in making your day beautiful. Although it may not be as prominent as other aspects of the wedding décor and design, choosing the right wedding pallet will perfectly tie every detail together.

The color of your décor should also match the overall color theme of your wedding. This is important because it’ll define the colors you choose for your wedding flower bouquets, table napkins, souvenirs, and even your cake.

Things To Consider When Choosing Color Decoration

Before you decide on the wedding décor colors, here are a couple of things that you should consider:

  ●   Season

When choosing colors for the wedding decorations, you need to consider the season when your wedding will be held. This is important when you plan on doing an outdoor wedding. For example, it may not be appropriate to use darker colors as it’ll not match the outdoor setting.

  ●   Venue

It would be best if you also considered your wedding venue–outdoor or indoor. Most indoor venues have all-white walls and ceilings to allow the wedding planner to play with different colors for wedding decorations. However, some venues have darker or lighter colors compared to your chosen decorations. When this is the case, it’s either you adjust your wedding colors or spend more money on covering up the existing colors of the venue so you can stick with your chosen pallet.

  ●   The Mood of the Celebration

When choosing a color pallet, you should consider what mood you’re aiming for. What do you want your guests to feel during the ceremony and the reception? Do you want them to feel romantic? Do you want them to feel bright and happy?
Colors affect a person’s mood. If you want the event to be a memorable one, you should take the time to choose the right color pallet.

  ●   Personal Preference

It’s your wedding day, and your personal choice should always be the top priority. When choosing wedding decorations and their color, it should match your wedding’s overall theme, as mentioned, and it should display the color you want. It’s important to discuss this with your suppliers or wedding coordinator so they can find ways to make your dream wedding a reality.

Unconventional Wedding Color Combinations You Can Use For Your Decors

With the right colors, even cheap wedding decors will look stunning and elegant. Note that these colors are also commonly used in wedding themes, but you can use these color pallets as complementary colors to your chosen color theme.

If you’re looking for unique colors for your decors, here are some suggestions you can use:

  1.   A Mix Of Romantic Pastel Colors Combined With Deep Dark Colors

Pastels represent romance. Muted neutrals like beige, buttercream, and white, are perfect for showcasing soft pastels.

These subdued hues are just the start. Add some rich color, like deep forest greens or rich chocolate browns, to round out the atmosphere. Lighter shades work best as accents for seasonally appropriate seasonal colors, like fall brown or winter gold.

  2.   Different Shades Of Yellow Combined With Blues or Pink

A classic marriage of color is pale yellows. While a yellow wedding does no justice in this arena, there’s something undeniably comforting about this hue, whether it’s a subtle beige or pale orange.

If you’d prefer to stay away from yellow, you can still go with pale oranges, blues, or violets. Instead of the usual yellow, consider complementing the tones with green, pink, or blue accents for a relaxed yet bright palette. Neutral tones of taupe, mint, and beige also work well for spring and summer weddings.

  3.   Fall Wedding Colors

Fall and winter wedding colors often evoke images of snow-dome-rimmed winter weddings. Still, the dark chocolate and pumpkin colors of fall can be used in many ways to give any wedding an authentic autumn feel.

For a look that evokes autumn leaves and dark, chilly chocolate, pair chocolate brown with eggshell, antique oak bark, and rusty red accents. Likewise, winter wedding colors of dark forest greens, slate, and stark white can be paired with delicate silver accents for a look reminiscent of winter snow. Add a splash of color by using gold accessories, and your bridesmaids will be immediately drawn to the jewelry you choose.

Autumn-inspired wedding color themes make beautiful invitations and centerpieces, too. Rich chocolate colored cardstock makes a great backdrop, especially when arranged in a stunning fall pattern. Rich burgundy silk dupioni tablecloths also look lovely on the table, especially when it’s paired beautifully with chocolate brown accents, like white and ivory napkins and gingham napkin rings. A chocolate gingham candle is a perfect centerpiece or adornment for any reception.

  4.   Lush Green Colors With Hints Of Brown

Among all the different wedding decoration ideas, foliage galore is currently the most popular one. A lot of people feel elegance and lightness when the decorations have a sense of lushness all around. With a lush green setting, everything seems to be alive and vibrant.

The beauty of greenery, along with flowers and other natural elements, such as candles, makes it the perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

  5.   Combining Two Dark Colors

Traditional color combinations have one light color and complementary dark color. However, there’s an increasing trend for dark colors.

One combination that works well is deep dark red and blue. The color combination for the decors works beautifully for any season. The color combination also gives visual interest to the decorations, giving them a high-end look.


There are things you should consider when choosing the best wedding themes, styles, and colors. You should match your decoration’s colors to the season if you’re doing an outdoor wedding. If you’re planning to hold it indoors, you should also check with the venue’s color.

Furthermore, there are many different color combinations you can use for your wedding decorations. You can match light and dark colors, season colors like orange and red or all dark colors. Lush green and floral colors are still one of the most popular combinations, but you can make it unique by adding more colors that’ll make your decorations stand out.