Watch. Listen. Latasha Alcindor. ‘Revoke Thee.’

Latasha Alcindor

Enjoy the latest from Brooklyn-based Hip-Hop and spoken word artist Latasha Alcindor (L.A.). “Revoke Thee” comes off her forthcoming album Teen Nite at Empire, which is set to release in May.

“I choose to dedicate this project to Black Womanhood, my experience of growing up in Brooklyn and my boyfriend — who passed away after becoming a victim of gun violence. With the recent election and all of the troubles around the world — including the crisis in Syria, and the Black Lives Matter movement at home — I hope that my music will help the world deal with trauma and inspire people who have lost hope,” artist Latasha Alcindor said. “The music that I’ve been hearing recently all sounds highly produced, clean-cut and perfect. B(LA)K, to me, is raw, incomplete, and that’s on purpose — it represents the world as we know it right now: a raw work in progress.”