Watch This. PRETXS. Brazilian Web Documentary Series Explores the Lives of Brazil’s Black LGBTQ Community.

Afro-Brazilian LGBTQ

Created by Jay Viegas and produced by Vaidapé Magazine, PRETXS is a new documentary web series that takes an in-depth look at the lives of Brazil’s afro-descended LGBTQ community. The series tackles colorism, racism, and gender discrimination present in the portrayal of LGBTQ individuals in Brazilian mainstream media.

“I decided to shoot the series basically because I was tired of seeing LGBTT people always being portraited as white, young, skinny and rich, and black people always being portraited as broke, agressive and straight. Also, and even though I know we’re all somehow united by the diaspora experience, the little that I could find about being black and LGBTT would always come from places like the U.S or Europe, and well, let’s face it, our realities are very different. So yeah, with the help of some very awesome friends and the backup of Vaidapé, this is what came out. I guess I’m just trying to help people not to go through what me and many others had to go through, feeling like we’re alone in our journeys, like we don’t really fit anywhere. It’s really all about representativity and creating a sense of community”, Viegas says.

New episodes of PRETXS will be launched throughout the month of February. English subtitles are available.