Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas For Her

These days, traditional wedding styles have gone somewhat out the window. Even if there’s a clearly established dress code women have so much more to play with when it comes to picking the perfect outfit. Below are our top wedding guest styles that will have you looking trendy and unique.

1. Pastel Pantsuits with Bright Extras

An incredibly fashion forward outfit choice for any future wedding is the pastel pantsuit. This outfit option is an excellent one if you’re looking for a chic and more covered up look.

Pastels have a way of making any outfit pop, just be careful not to mix too many colors. This style is perfect for fall and winter weddings, as you’ll be a lot cozier than you might be in a dress.

2. Camisole with Wrap Skirt

Who said that dresses are the only option when attending weddings? If you like the sweeping drama of a wrap dress but want to switch your style up a bit, why not pair one of your favorite silk camisoles with a wrap skirt? With the right jewelry, a beautifully patterned wrap skirt is the perfect thing to tie your wedding look together.

Consider an asymmetrical midi skirt to ensure that you have a cinched waist and incredible length. Be sure to choose a darker color skirt for an evening wedding and a lighter one for a wedding during the daytime.

3. Floor-Sweeping Show-Stopping Gown

If you are going to wear a dress, you might as well go all out. While you aren’t aiming to be the center of attention at the wedding, this look will definitely turn a few heads. Take advantage of this opportunity to get glammed up by choosing a dress that sweeps the floor. Paired with gold accessories and high heels, you’ll find that you’re dressed to the nines and adequately covered if the temperatures happen to dip down.

4. The Simple Dress

Just as you can make a statement by doing the most with your dress, you can also look absolutely stunning by keeping things minimal in a simple dress. If you have your eye on a basic dress, go ahead and take the plunge. Make sure you choose a color that suits your skin tone and that you keep things interesting with great accessories like crystal-studded shoes, a standout bag or a statement colour lip.

5. Lace Jumpsuit

Like the pantsuit, this look brings pants back in a big way. With a lace jumpsuit, you’ll add a very delicate and luxurious touch to an already well put-together outfit. Consider taking things up a notch by bringing out some metallic shoes and shiny accessories to really make the look something special. If you’re a more subtle person, consider nude heels and a high gloss nude lip.

6. Printed Maxi Dress with Tuxedo Jacket

Give your maxi dress a new lease on life with the addition of a tuxedo jacket. Whether your maxi is from the thrift store or is more high-end, you’ll find that throwing on the tux jacket makes any simple dress an instant LOOK. While this extra layer definitely spices things up, keep the fancier half of your outfit nearby if you’re going to a winter wedding.

7. Fancy Blouse and Pleated Midi Skirt

It’s likely been a while since you’ve seen pleats, but they’re definitely making a comeback. With a pleated midi skirt and a blouse of a matching or complementary color, you’ll make your wedding outfit truly unique. Consider getting a little glitzy by choosing a skirt that is metallic or has a textured pattern.

8. Culottes with a Statement Top

Culottes to a wedding? Yes, you heard right. While this look is admittedly more casual, it is a great option for a low-key wedding or the reception. Start your look off with glossy culottes and a statement top like one with puff-sleeves or a shirt that is off the shoulder. If you choose a more toned down pair of culottes, take the opportunity to dress things up with your accessories.

9. A Blazer and Slip Dress

Need to get dressed for a wedding with little time to spare? This no-frills outfit is easy to put together and looks quite classy. As long as you choose a blazer that is the same color as your dress, you’ll look like you planned your outfit months in advance.