What Bed Size Is Best Suited For Couples?

According to recent market statistics, the most popular bed size by married couples is queen-sized. But, of course, there is no right ideal bed size for couples to buy. It depends on individual preference and comfort level, which can range from individual couple to individual. Married couples with kids and or pets also prefer extra-large bed sizes such as a King or even a Queen. So, let’s explore what is the ideal bed size for couples:


The average thickness of the mattress these days is around eight centimeters. That means it would be great if your mattress is eight centimeters thick or higher. Eight centimeters is around half an inch. And if you are a couple with two children, you may want to try out a mattress with a depth of almost three inches. If you and your spouse share this bed, make sure to use a mattress with a depth of more than three inches so you’ll have enough space to turn around.

Another common mistake among couples when it comes to choosing a bed size is selecting the wrong mattress. Some couples, for example, think that the king-size is the best when actually, a queen would be much better since they are the same. Also, couples tend to select beds with the wrong width, most especially for couples who sleep on their sides. Make sure to get a sleep surface that is wider and deeper, preferably one with a mattress depth of about six to eight inches.

Regular Bed Sizes

Regular bed sizes include those that are available in the market like bunk beds, cribs, and standard beds. If you are looking for standard bed sizes, you can go ahead and choose from the many options available. Just make sure that you get the right size for your room and also a bed that can fit two people. Remember that regular bed sizes won’t serve as the ideal choice for couples with small or large rooms. Therefore, you should only get these types of mattresses if you need a bed that is bigger and will serve as a good sleeping surface.

Meanwhile, if you and your spouse share the room, you may want to try a split king or queen-sized mattress so you and your partner will have their comfort zone. Among the best choices for this purpose are solid wood split king-sized and high-quality firmness mattresses. Most people prefer solid wood over others because it has a classic and timeless feel.


On the other hand, if you and your spouse share the bed, you might want to get a firm mattress with a little bit of firmness because you and your partner tend to experience different sleeping conditions. Firmness is particularly important if you have back problems. With a firm mattress, you can ensure that you and your partner’s bodies are properly aligned when you sleep. As a result, you can enjoy a better night of rest and sleep.

Hybrid Mattresses

There are also hybrid mattresses available in the market, which mix the attributes of a single adult bed frame and a firm mattress. These types of bed frames are commonly referred to as “high density” or “super king” models. They are available in various sizes, from twin, queen, and California king, and come with a firmness mattress that ranges from four to five percent. This means you can easily get the ideal balance between the two elements such as firmness and size so you can get the right type of mattress to meet your specific needs. They also have various pillow sizes, so that you can get the right pillow for these various bed sizes.

On the other hand, if you are a couple who wants the benefits of a king but don’t like the idea of sharing a single bed, then you can go with the “standard” queen bed frames. Just like the super king models, these models come with the regular four to five percent firmness mattress. However, they are offered in various sizes such as a twin, a full, and a queen. If you are looking for a mattress size that can support both of you, then the queen-size would be the best choice for you and your partner.

If we have already defined what is an ideal bed size for couples, it would be much easier to determine the type of bed that will suit one of you and your spouse. You might also want to know about the various bed types so you can narrow down your choices and pick the right one that will best suit your bedrooms. There are different intensity levels of beds that you can choose from.

First off, we have a hybrid mattress size. This type of bed can be classified into two: half-size and full-size. The half-size hybrid mattress is designed to fit close to the ground, which allows couples who have health problems and their weight to utilize this type of bed comfortably. Most people who have used full-size hybrid mattresses stated that they are comfortable enough to sleep on.

Next is the super king-size mattress. This type of bed size can either be classified as a bunk bed or standard bed frames. Most couples who use these bed frames stated that they are very comfortable to sleep on. If you are looking for something that can accommodate more than one person, then you should consider getting a king-size mattress.

Motion isolation bed sizes are most commonly used by individuals who are suffering from back problems and need to stay comfortable during their slumber. A lot of these beds are also available in queen sizes, so you may want to inquire about those as well. When it comes to the overall quality, they are quite similar to the hybrid type mattresses, which means that they provide good support and comfort while sleeping.


Before purchasing any kind of mattress, be sure to compare mattresses by brands and prices. There are a lot of mattress stores and retailers today that offer comfortable and reliable beds at affordable prices. Just because a brand costs more than the other doesn’t mean that they have better quality. Purchasing the ideal mattress for your needs should be a logical process that you will do accordingly. As long as you are aware of what you want, you can easily find the perfect option for your bedroom.