What is Spotify? Ways of Spotify Promotion

In this world, with full of advanced technology systems, it is obvious to expect a transformation in the entertainment industry too. Technology has not only revolutionized the common services like public transportation, military industry, and science-related service but also has transformed the entertainment services like music and films. There are many musical applications available on the internet, but no one is like Spotify, which is a musical online application that can be downloaded to any electronic device, whether computers, laptops, and smartphones.

Spotify allows you to explore a wide variety of songs, podcasts and after downloading you can listen to your favorite artist in a considerable period. In this article, you will be learning about Spotify promotion of your music with the help of this website or application.

What is Spotify?

Spotify can be defined as the digital music streaming service, which allows you to access millions of songs, videos, and podcasts from artists present all over the world. The main reason for its popularity is that you can access the content free of cost unlike others, where you have to pay. To use Spotify you just need to sign up with the email address or Facebook account. Good quality podcasts are available which you can’t get easily anywhere. The best thing about the Spotify is that one can post his song on the Spotify and can earn decent money. The money earned depends upon the number of subscribers one gets on the website or application.

Reasons for promoting on Spotify

When you are getting a platform to highlight in the musical world then why not to avail the opportunity. You can have a chance of getting popular isn’t it friends? Yes, it is. There other reasons as well, which makes promoting your music on Spotify worthwhile. Some of the reasons are:

1.      Subscription promotes artists

Once you post your song on the Spotify for promotion of your music then you will be subscribed by many other followers or artists on the Spotify. Once you get the good amount of subscribers you can get the money for the music you have posted. It also gives a platform to showcase your talent on the digital medium which can give you the chance of getting popular on the internet.

2.      Curated playlists get a good response

There are curated playlists made by the Spotify on its website which are modified to get the quick attention of the subscribers towards the song. It was reported that the modified playlist helps the artist in getting popular rather than with the simple playlist.

3.      Subscription services help in paying more

It was seen in a survey that after the Spotify makes certain modifications to the song of the artist. The song is made pleasant and the quality of the song is improved. Many of the subscribers pay a certain premium to listen to the high-quality songs, which in turn generates good revenue for the Spotify promotion and also for the artists.

4.      Free promotion

The Spotify users have the opportunity of sharing their favorite song to the other users as well with the help of direct messaging and by making an account on the Spotify website. When people listen on Spotify it is social and your fans become promoters after listening to your song. Spotify also recommends your song to concerts thus encouraging your music to various subscribers.

5.      Digital streaming helps

In this modern era with modern technology, the artist can get maximum revenue from the subscribers. Because the user interface of Spotify is such that it allows maximum subscriber building. For example, if you are traveling in the car then you can connect the Spotify to your cd player and that too free so it helps in Spotify promotion.

Ways of Spotify promotion

In the previous paragraph, you get to know about the reason for doing Spotify promotion in this paragraph you will be acquainted with the ways of doing Spotify promotion.

1.      Getting artist profile verified

It is important to get the account verified as it will avoid people getting duped by awkward names. Once you verify your account then it shows that your account is genuine. It helps you to maintain a legitimate connection with the fans. Once you verify then you can get automatically verified.

2.      Increase your fan base

Simply uploading music is not going to work as you will have to increase your fan base by uploading creditable and good quality music with good research. Once your audience grows your promotional efforts will become much more easy and effective and it will take your music to a new level.

3.      Promote music with social media

The best way of getting recognized is by telling your friends about following you and hearing your music. Spotify is great in giving the musicians plenty of ways in sharing the music, especially on social media. Post interacting and amazing content frequently on social media so that you will be able to attract a loyal following.

4.      Be active by uploading music

You will have to upload active content on the Spotify application for promotion because if you stop creating music and uploading music you will be forgotten. Spotify notice everything through the algorithms they have set that determine how active you are and how good and engaging music you are creating.

5.      Collaborate with other musicians

One benefit of collaborating with other artists has a double effect on your promotional efforts. Your music gets exposed to new listeners and Create a predisposition to like your music based on the positive response that one develops with the collaborative artist. The collaborations provide endless opportunities for inspiring each other with your creative ideas and at the same time promoting the music.

6.      Promoting with Spotify ads

With the help of Spotify ads, one can advertise the music and allows you to create audio ad campaigns from scratch so you can uniquely reach the audience.


It can be finally inferred from the above article that once you make yourself fully aware of the benefits and ways of Spotify then you can surely increase the rate of Spotify promotion.