Why Men, Women and Teens All Need Specific Skincare Routines

Here’s an interesting fact: while every person on this Earth is covered with skin, our skin is all quite different. Your mom’s skin is different from your uncle’s, which is different from your teenage cousin.

What skin does share in common, no matter what the gender or age of the person it covers, is that it must be properly cared for.

But a guy in his 40s must care for his skin differently than his teenage son or his wife—at least in certain ways.
To examine this topic further, let’s start out at looking at the ways the skin on a guy, gal and teen differs, as well as how it’s the same—and then finally, how to clean and care for it:

Men: Thick Skinned

Men’s skin is naturally thicker than a woman’s, and they tend to have more and larger hair follicles on the face. This makes sense, as they can use the power of these follicles to grow great looking mustaches and/or beards if they wish. Guys also tend to produce more oil on their faces and—sorry ladies—men’s skin tends to age better and look more youthful for longer.

Women: Less Oil and Fewer Pores

Since Mother Nature has a way of being fair, men’s faces may age at a slower rate than women’s, but women have fewer pores—and the ones they have are smaller. Guys can end up with large, visible pores, which may not be a look they are too happy about at times. Because women tend to produce less oil, they are less likely to break out and, because they are not shaving their faces, they are not constantly removing a top layer of skin, which can lead to irritation in guys.

Teens: Hormones Wreak Havoc

If you live with or know a teen, you probably are quite aware that hormones can affect this age group in a number of ways, including their skin. When we were kids, our skin would renew itself pretty often. Once the teen years start, this renewal process slows down—at the same time that the hormones are revving up. This abundance of hormones leads to an increased production of oil or sebum, which also leads to clogged pores, blemishes and breakouts, and an increased need for acne products for teens. Teens may notice breakouts not only on their face, but also on their upper back or chest.

What We All Need

Regardless of age or gender, the skin on your face needs to be hydrated and gently cleaned every day. As the American Academy of Dermatology Association notes, everyone should also use sunscreen to protect skin from the harsh rays of the sun and to help ward off skin cancer.

But since men, women and teens do have definite differences in their skin, there are specific things each group should do.

Men: Soothe Skin that is Ravaged by Razors

When looking for a face wash for guys, choose one that will hydrate the skin instead of drying it out the way most bar soaps will. Skin that is plumped up with moisture will be easier to shave and will be less likely to become irritated. For moisturizers, guys don’t need one with a lot of oil—because they create a lot of it on their own. Instead, look for botanicals like aloe vera that will naturally hydrate the skin.

Women: Moisturizing is Key

For women, a gentle face wash that is used daily is key, as is a makeup remover so no one is going to bed still wearing their foundation and mascara. Because women create less oil and have thinner skin than guys, they should definitely choose a rich moisturizer that is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Teens: Gently Treat Acne

Skincare should begin in the teenage years with an acne face wash designed for a teen’s skin. When researching acne treatment for teens, steer clear of harsh soaps and other products that may ultimately irritate the skin more. The Spotless Regimen acne skincare product from Rodan + Fields is a two-part system that is designed to clear up existing acne while preventing new blemishes from forming.

Everybody Can Have Great Skin

Yes, we all have different skin and everyone can have challenges and issues. But by adopting a regular skincare routine that takes our uniqueness into consideration, men, women and teens can all have healthy and glowing skin.