Willow and Jaden Smith Join #NODAPL Protests.


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Willow and Jaden Smith were recently spotted at Standing Rock as part of the ongoing protests against the forthcoming Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), a new underground crude oil pipeline designed to transport 470,000 barrels of crude oil per day. The controversial project, which is being constructed near a Sioux reservation, threatens the health, water supply, and overall welfare of local residents.

Over the past few months activists all over the country have spoken out against the DAPL, and celebrities like Rosario Dawson and Shailene Woodley have offered their support. Activists have also camped out along the pipeline route on the Standing Rock reservation.

The Smith siblings joined the protest over the weekend, and Willow posted about the importance of the protests on her social media page. In the past, Willow has also been vocal about a range of issues, such as police brutality and colorism.

For more information on #NoDAPL, or to support the protests, visit NoDaplSolidarity.org.