Your Morning Mix. Kissey. Tiara Thomas. Nonku Phiri. Mapei. And More.

Kissey, Tiara Thomas, Mapei, Nonku Phiri

Let this be the perfect collection of musical tracks to feast on throughout the week.

Basheba – “High and Dry”

The British born artist says this about her music: “A song is nothing without a story. I’m a storyteller, I just tell my stories through song.”

Mapei- “Don’t Wait” (Gianni Lee remix)

Gianni Lee revamps the Swedish singer’s hit “Don’t Wait.”

Okenyo – “Just A Story”

The Australian born with Kenyan roots says this about her latest:

“I wrote ‘Just a Story’ on a hot afternoon in my apartment in Sydney after having a strange altercation with a friend and I can remember the verses just spat out without stopping… I want the lyrics and instrumentation to emerge without hindrance and I’ll work the technical stuff later.”

Kelissa – “Keep My Head Up”

We recently introduced you all to the sounds of the conscious reggae artist. Now, have a taste of her latest, a track filled with encouraging messages throughout.

Andy Allo – “Hello EP”

The pop artist, who was born in Cameroon, is one to keep an eye on.

Tiara Thomas – “On Me”

The “Bad” singer keeps it real on this one. The track, off her EP Up In Smoke.

Melanie Fiona – “Fight Through”

A sampling from the Game of Thrones mixtape brought to by Melanie Fiona.

Kissey – “I Don’t Need Anything”

Be sure to cop her EP, it drops April 28.

Mura Masa – “Someday Somewhere EP”

Check out eighteen year old British artist Mura Masa also known as Alex Crossan. On his EP, he collaborates with NAO and Denai Moore. Crossan is a writer, singer and producer.

Samm Henshaw- “Redemption”

The soulful artist is giving us hints of John Legend’s “Glory” on the track titled “Redemption.”

Jaden Smith – “Offering”

Jaden giving us an early 90’s jazz infused with a hip-hop beat.

Nonku Phiri – “Things We Do On The Weekend”

“The song is based on a modern day romance/relationship gone wrong, – it’s basically a narrative of a girl going through the motions of courtship. I wanted to create something cheeky and very honest. “