Art Exhibitions. Nebula. Santa Monica, California. Jason Olive. Sage Gallon.

Jason Olive, Sage Gallon, Black Contemporary Artists
(l-r Jason Olive, Bhakti by Olive; Sage Gallon; Behind Closed Door by Sage)

“Nebula” is a group art exhibit which showcases a diverse range of artists working in different mediums with different, distinct, messages. This year’s show, which opens on November 15th at The Hanger Gallery in Santa Monica, California, features the work of Jason Olive and Sage Gallon, both African-American Renaissance men who include visual arts and acting among other talents in their repertoire.

Jason Olive

Jason is currently starring in the “Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse” on OWN TV. He has appeared in both film and television. His photo series “The Devil’s Churn” takes an abstract, nuanced, look at the powerful coast of Oregon.

Jason Olive, Black contemporary Artists

Sage Gallon

Sage Gallon is a poet, painter, photographer and actor of the stage and screen. His photographic series “Crack(s)” is an honest, graphic portrayal of a man in the throes of crack addiction.

sage Gallon, Black Contemporary Artists

“Nebula” will take place in the Los Angeles-area at The Hanger Gallery, 3163 Donald
Douglas Loop S. Santa Monica CA, 90405 on November 15th 6 p.m.-9 p.m. To RSVP contact rsvpnebula(at)