10 Best Cryptocurrencies Of December 2022

10 Best Cryptocurrencies Of December 2022

When choosing a crypto asset for investment, it is easy to get lost among the variety of tokens and coins offered in the market. The easiest way to receive brief information is to check out crypto rankings that contain all the information about coins, their price charts, market cap, etc. An example of such a service is Coinmarketcap. Let’s see what information about coins it contains:

      ●   price charts;
      ●   cryptocurrency market;
      ●   trade volume.  

These are the main characteristics of every digital coin. Market cap is the value of all coins that are now in circulation. To receive the market cap for cryptocurrency, you should multiply the current price of an asset by the number of coins released. 

Trade volume is the sum of all transactions done with particular assets throughout exchanges, presented in the dollar equivalent.

Crypto rankings place assets according to their market cap, price, and trade volume from the biggest to lowest value. So when picking a digital coin for investment, choosing from the top assets is a good idea. Let’s see what are the best crypto assets in December 2022.

Top Cryptos by Cryptocurrency Market Cap to Buy in December 2022

Here is the list of the top crypto assets to invest in with marker cap in brackets:

      ●   Bitcoin (over $329 billion)
      ●   Ethereum (over $157 billion)
      ●   BNB (over $47 billion)
      ●   XRP (over $20 billion)
      ●   Cardano (over $10 billion).

We intentionally missed some stablecoins with a big market cap because stablecoins are not used for investment, for their price does not grow over 1 dollar (pegged to the US dollar value).

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