10-Year-Old Already Making A Name For Herself as a Plus Size Fashion Designer.

Ify Ufele Chubii

Fifth-Grader Ify Ufele recently reached a benchmark in her career that even seasoned designers dream of.

The 10-year-old from Queens, New York is now making a name for herself as a fashion designer. She also recently showed her latest collection during New York fashion week.

Ify was inspired to create her plus-size label, CHUBIILINE, after having been bullied in school because of her size. When Ify confided in her grandmother, a seamstress, about her experience, they decided to create clothing for her dolls as a way to heal.

Eventually Ify moved on from dolls, to making clothing, in beautiful African fabrics for plus-sized girls like herself. Her mother and grandmother say that Ify is a dedicated and determined young designer.

“She comes out of school, goes straight into homework, and when other kids are out playing, she’s either cutting patterns or she’s creating new ideas,” says Ify’s mother Dr. Reba Perry.

Ify recently showed her collection, one of the few shows featuring plus-sized models, during New York Fashion Week.