2 Arrests Made in the Murder of 16-Year-Old Arnesha Bowers.

Arnesha Bowers

2 arrests have been made in the murder of 16-year-old Arnesha Bowers. The Baltimore teen, a junior at Baltimore City College was found dead in her home on Sunday. According to WBAL Baltimore, investigators state that Bowers had been sexually assaulted, strangled and restrained before her house was set on fire.

Police could only describes the criminals motive as “evil.”

“The motive was evil. Could you imagine leaving your child at home and two people come in to the house hell bent on death and destruction? I can only imagine what the last moments of Arnesha’s life was like. It had to have been pure hell,” Police Homicide Unit Maj. Stanley Bradford said.

“Nothing is more important than tracking down and jailing cowards who take the life an innocent child. Nothing,” Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said.

Police say that Bowers knew the suspects and was hanging out with them at a party before the crime was committed. The two suspects followed her home, unbeknownst to her, with the intention of stealing her grandmother’s valuables. They assaulted Bowers after she discovered that they had broken in through the basement.

“Nothing can bring her back and that’s why it’s just so senseless, because of the few items they got, they didn’t have to take that one. That was the most precious,” Arnesha’s mother Michelle Bowers tells WBAL Baltimore.

Baltimore police have also announced the indictment of 11 more gangmembers who are alleged to have contributed to the violence that has been plaguing the city over the past few weeks.