3 Top Fashion Tips You Should Know About Right Now

Does your wardrobe need an overhaul or are you ready to add new pieces to create new and unique visual interest to your outfits? Regardless of the reason, everyone needs to switch things up every once in a while. Besides that, while fashion tastes are different for everyone, some trends abound everywhere. Here are three fashion tips to keep in mind as you think about giving your wardrobe a revamp.

1. Don’t Ignore Any Nuggets in Your Closet

You might need to take a deep dive to the closet floor, but if you’re like most people, you likely have some untapped gems hiding in there. Whether you own an old belt you wore once a few years ago and it’s just sitting there or have a pair or two of 90s-style jeans, you may discover that these looks are suddenly all the rage. In other words, you probably have some items that might add a new spark to relatively new outfits that don’t have any pizazz.

A bonus benefit to digging into your closet is that it gives you a chance to remove clothes, accessories and shoes you know you won’t wear or use again, clearing room for any new additions as you choose them. To that end, create some piles for a yard sale, consignment shop venture, or donation to your favorite charity. This way, you’ll find some great pieces to spice up your current collection and toss away pieces you’ll never wear again, even if they become trendy.

2. Invest in New, Sexy Intimates

As any woman will tell you, the right intimates and garters provide untold benefits for you and your body. In fact, wearing quality pieces in the right size and shape will give you the confidence to exude enviable and inimitable style, no matter what else you’re wearing. In that vein, buy a garter and stockings to wear with your favorite pencil skirt for that extra sense of sexiness, or find a bodysuit that helps shape your curves and mood.

When you show a hint of your favorite bodysuit peeking out under your favorite jacket or sweater, you might find you’ve developed a new style trend all your own. And don’t forget how much your significant other will love your attention to eye-catching and imagination-kindling intimate wear.

3. Fill Your Closet with an Assortment of Jackets

Simply put: Jackets are game-changers. If you’ve ever owned and loved a certain denim or leather jacket, you know where this is going. The right all-around jacket for casual outings is like going out with your best friend. Your favorite jackets of youth were mainstays in your wardrobe because they fit, at least for you, every occasion.

Now that you’re older, you can certainly use that same philosophy. Still, you might need to switch up your strategy and invest in a few different options instead of one all-purpose jacket that may be too casual for certain occasions. So spread the love by investing in a sophisticated version of your classic denim and leather jacket favorites, while adding a formal blazer or tailored jacket to the mix, too.

Mix in These Fashion Tips for a More Creative Wardrobe That You’ll Love

You don’t have to break the bank to up your fashion game. As a fan of fashion, you probably already have plenty of classic pieces. Still, fine-tuning and cleaning out your closet, adding some confidence-boosting intimate wear, and topping things off with a stylish jacket that fits your personality as much as your body will send you off to a great start.