4 Good Reasons to Finish Your Home’s Basement This Year

What’s the point of having a basement and using it for nothing? With a little help from a professional and the right idea, you end up with space that serves a real purpose. In fact, there’s no reason why you couldn’t come up with a plan for your Oakville basement this year and have everything done in a couple of months. Rather than putting the renovation off, here are some reasons why making the basement finishing a priority this year makes sense.

You’ve Been Toying With the Idea For a Long Time

The idea of doing something with the basement has been on your mind for some time. Unfortunately, you think about it for awhile and then set it aside for a later date. In the meantime, the basement languishes. Since you’ve been thinking about it over the years, why not go ahead and make some concrete plans? Once you do actually start, things will come together a lot easier than you expected.

One Less Area to Collect Clutter

The basement is serving something of a purpose right now, but it’s not one that does you or your family any good. It’s easy to tuck just about anything that doesn’t easily fit in any other part of the house in the basement. Over time, you’ve amassed quite a collection down there.

That wouldn’t be so bad except most of what’s in the basement hasn’t been touched in years. Upon reflection, it’s obvious that you’re not likely to ever use anything collecting dust down there again. Instead of storing things to rot at best or to create a fire hazard at worse, do yourself a favor and empty the basement. Once it’s empty, convert it into space that won’t be used to collect clutter again.

Extra Living Space for Visitors Would Be Nice

It’s nice to have loved ones in for visits. What’s not quite so nice is placing them on sofa beds in the den or having them double up with the kids. You’re also not fond of giving up the master bedroom suite and sleeping on the sofa bed yourself.

Finish the basement and transform it into a comfortable second suite for loved ones who come to stay for a few days. Include a private bath and perhaps even a kitchenette in the design. They’ll love having their own private space, you get to sleep in your own bed, and everyone can focus on enjoying the visit.

Finishing the Basement Could Be Good for Your Heating and Cooling Costs

On the surface, more finished space would seem to be asking for an increase in your heating and cooling bills. What you’re not taking into consideration is the possible energy consumption that the dank and unfinished based is already causing. By sealing the walls and floor, insulating the ceiling, and doing a few other things that the contractor recommends, you could be eliminating the waste a fair amount of energy. The result is that you’re not likely to see an increase in your heating and cooling bills. You might even notice that the utility costs are slightly lower during certain parts of the year.

If you could use a few more reasons to finish the basement, have a contractor pay a visit. After the initial assessment is complete, the contractor can tell you what needs to be done and what benefits will result. Rest assured that once the space is finished and transformed, you’ll be happy that the project was not put off for another year.