4 Reasons To Play Games for Holistic Child Development.

Games are as old as human existence. They exist in different types across different cultures and societies all over the world. They are played by anyone regardless of gender, age or ethnicity. As new games are developed, older ones evolve with society. Gaming has typically been considered a means of fun and entertainment and in some cases, a way to make some money but over the years, this notion has changed.

With the advent of technology and innovation, games have come to represent much more than having fun with the current trends. Scientific study has discovered that games play an integral role in the development of social and cognitive skills, particularly in children. Games have much more benefits than the typical negative banter surrounding the practice.

It develops and Improves problems solving skills

Games are designed to challenge the players. The goal is to win but this can only be done through calculative thinking and making strategic moves. Players are placed in positions where they are constrained to certain rules and moves. The ability to mentally navigate their way through these restrictions to advance to the next stage and emerge winners is a skill that is necessary in any career in the real world. TheWorks is a discount retail store in the UK that is known for having some of the most mentally challenging and interactive age-appropriate games. A visit to the store is a great way to start with the young ones and provide a stimulus for the adults.

It helps develop and improve social skills

When playing games, there is a need for players to communicate with one another. The interaction helps them to become friends and strengthen already existing bonds. It allows for the development of meaningful relations over shared interests. It also builds negotiation skills and confidence in the individual and the group as a whole. Players learn to lose gracefully and celebrate the victory of others. The simulation of games is a great way to familiarize particularly children with natural ebbs and flows of human interaction in the real world.

It helps improve motor skills and coordination

The act of playing games demands not just mental but physical contributions as well. Gaming greatly improves motor and coordination skills. People who play games are generally known to be faster thinkers and exercise acute audio, visual and physical coordination. They have more understanding and balance mentally and physically.

It improves concentration and multitasking skills

The various activities happening during a game force the player to exercise great concentration and observation skills that will serve in no small way out in the real world. The ability to multitask is also developed as the player navigates through several simulations all occurring at the same time. This quality is particularly important in the development of children who are known to have short attention spans and be easily distracted. Giving them a goal while playing games helps them to learn focus while doing several things, mental and physical, at the same time.


Games have evolved from strictly being about fun and entertainment to having physical and mental health benefits. While playtime should always be supervised and monitored, players, particularly children should be allowed to enjoy themselves while they become better versions of themselves.