4 Reasons Why You Deserve a Charter Flight for Your Next Trip

There’s more than one way to travel by air. If the prospect of taking a commercial flight for your next trip leaves you feeling a bit cold, it’s time to consider an alternative. Opting for a flight scheduled through Novajet, Toronto private jet charter company, could be just what you need. Why go with a charter flight? Here are some excellent reasons.

More Leg and Head Room

Seats on commercial flights are not made for people outside of a narrow range of proportions. Even on flights that offer business class or first class seats, there may or may not be enough head and leg room to suit you. Depending on how long the flight will take, are you prepared to fold yourself and chew on your knees for hours at a time?

Opting for a charter flight provides more control over your comfort. There’s often more head and leg room between each row of seats. That makes it all the easier to settle in and remain comfortable for the entire flight.

Customized Meals

The days when commercial flights offered excellent meal options are long gone. If you’re lucky, you might get a small bag of peanuts and half a can of soda. If there is a meal at all, it’s usually a sandwich and a bag of chips. Who wants to travel that way?

With a charter flight, you can arrange for food to be loaded prior to your departure time. If you need to observe certain dietary restrictions, it’s easy to plan the meals accordingly. Think of how nice it would be to enjoy a tasty meal while in the air and maybe have a nice after-dinner nap before you arrive at the destination.

Travel on Your Own Schedule

Perhaps one of the best qualities of charter flights is the control you have over when you leave and when you return. There’s no need to work within the confines of a set schedule. Instead, you lock in the departure and return times when you schedule the charter flight. If you want to leave in the morning, that’s fine. An evening flight is also ideal. Whatever works best for you is what the charter service will seek to accommodate.

Forget About Connecting Flights

Have you ever had to plan a trip only to find that the airline only offers plans with one or more connecting flights? People who have gone this route only to have one connection arrive too late to make the next one understand how frustrating this can be. When your luggage ends up going somewhere without you, things get even worse.

Charter flights eliminate these types of issues. Your luggage remains on your flight until arriving at the destination. You may remain in the air from start to finish, or you may need to stop for fuel at some point. Even then, there’s no need to disembark and board a different jet. What could be more convenient?

Treat yourself to a charter flight for your next trip. Once you try this approach to flying, using a commercial flight again will never be your first choice.