4 Ways to Keep Your Silver Jewellery from Getting Tarnished

Silver jewelry is great at adding a splash of style on almost any outfit. While it can last a lifetime, lack of proper care can leave your precious jewelry looking old and tarnished. This robs it of its shine and makes it ineffective as far as highlighting your look goes.

The good news is that designer silver jewellery is not demanding as far as maintenance is concerned. In fact, all you really need in order to maintain its look and value is to keep it away from things that tarnish it. Thereafter, simply wiping it down after a day’s use will be all it needs in order to remain in great shape.

If you own silver jewelry and it has started looking old and worn out, it may be that you are damaging it without even knowing. This is because there are things and activities that seem harmless but which actually pose a danger to your jewelry. Here are some of the ways in which you may be destroying your silver without even knowing.


In order to keep swimming pools free from disease-causing bacteria, owners tend to treat them with chlorine. Chlorine is an effective disinfectant that kills off most harmful organisms. However, it is not friendly to silver. It is a chemical that is harsh enough to eat at its surface and thus should be avoided.

If you are planning on jumping into a pool, make sure that you take the silver off. In case you forget to do so and your jewelry comes in contact with chlorine-treated water, there is no need to fret. Simply rinse it with distilled water and then wipe it dry. This should be enough to minimize the damaging effects if chlorine.

Hot tub

There is no better way to relax after a busy day than spending time in the hot tub. However, if you have any plans of unwinding in the tub, make sure that you leave your jewelry out of it. This is because the water in your hot tub is not distilled. It contains chemicals that can react with the silver, causing it to become coated with a layer that makes it look tarnished.
Furthermore, silver does not cope well with heat. Exposing it to hot tub water will simply accelerate the rate at which it becomes damaged.

Hot springs

Hot springs should be avoided. The first reason is because of heat. Silver is susceptible to heat damage and as such should be protected from it at all costs.

The second reason has to do with the sulfur in these springs. As far as silver is concerned, sulfur is corrosive. Any contact between the two is bound to leave your silver with an oxidized look that will ruin the appearance of your jewelry.

Lotions and perfumes

Lotions may be great for your skin, and perfumes are great for making you feel fresh, but these products contain a number of different compounds that can react with silver. As a result, it is advisable that you keep your silver away from any perfumes or lotions that you may be using.

A great way to do this is to always ensure that you start by applying lotions and perfumes. Thereafter, give them time to dry off. And it is only then should you wear your jewelry. Doing this will keep the damage at a minimum and will help to preserve the look and feel of your valuable jewelry.

In addition to these tips, you should be aware of your silver jewelry’s rating. This is because silver ratings determine how often the silver should be polished. Therefore if yours needs constant polishing, that is something that you should do if you want to keep it in great shape. And if it does not, then keeping it away from elements that can damage it will be the bulk of your work.

Silver jewelry is easy to maintain and can fit almost any style or setting. Take care of yours and it will serve you for decades.