4 Ways to Know if a Software Program or App is Right For Your Gym or Studio

The point of purchasing software for your fitness business or dance studio is to make things run more efficiently and free up time to spend with your clients. Since not all software packages come with the same features or functions, it can take a little time to find the product that’s right for your business. As you begin the process of evaluating WellnessLiving dance studio software and similar products, ask yourself these four questions. The answers will help you know if that particular program or app is a good fit for your operation.

Will the Basic Product Require a Constant Stream of Add-Ons?

Add-ons have their place and can be quite helpful. The need to purchase software and immediately download a hefty number of add-ons is not a great thing. Ideally, the software should already include most of what you need. If that’s not the case, then you’re looking at the wrong software package.

Does the Software Make the Billing Process Simpler?

The software that you ultimately choose should make billing your clients a seamless process. In fact, you and your employees should not have to touch the process to any great degree. Most of it should be automated so that electronic and hard copies of the invoices are distributed with a minimum of human involvement.

At the same time, you want the option of stepping in and making some changes if needed. For example, you need to have the option to include a customized message on all those invoices. If you run some sort of contest and a client wins, you do want to apply any relevant discounts to the customer’s account. If the software can manage the basics and you only have to step in if there’s something special that needs your attention, that software may be the right choice for you.

Can Clients Sign Up for Classes and Private Sessions With Ease?

The software is not just about taking care of tasks in house. You also want it to provide benefits to your clients. To that end, make sure the software makes is easy for them to register for classes, request private sessions, and send communications that include questions and comments. You’ll find that it’s easier to manage your gym efficiently with this software if it includes robust communication tools.

Does the Software Allow for Customized Report Generation?

The right type of software will come with a varied list of standard reports. While you will use them quite a bit, you also want the option of being able to build your own custom reports. That may be a function that you only need from time to time, but it will save you hours of work. During the trial period, try this feature out and see what’s involved with creating a custom report. Assuming that it’s a simple process, you may not need to look at any other software products.

Remember that your choice of management software will make a daily difference for you and for your staff. It will also make things better for your clients. Choose wisely and that package will serve you well for a long time.