5 Must-Have Furniture Pieces for Your Bedroom

As the space where you relax and decompress after a hard day, your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Therefore, you can’t be careless when picking out furniture that goes into it. In fact, all pieces you include should strive towards the same goal – to make the room as comfortable and convenient as possible.

To help you decide how to design your bedroom, we have come up with five must-have furniture pieces. Read on and find out what items to include without making your room feel too cluttered.

1. Bed Frame

There is no bedroom without a bed – that much is clear from the room’s name alone. As the centerpiece of the room and the place you will spend a third of your day in, your bed deserves particular consideration. So, do not just rush to buy any old bed frame that suits your budget. Take your time with the purchase and explore your options.

As a rule of thumb, the larger the bed, the more comfortable it is. That doesn’t mean you should buy one that takes up most of the space in your room. Instead, choose the largest size that can fit without looking overly bulky. That way, you check off both the aesthetic and comfort boxes.

And if possible, go for bed frames made of solid wood. This material is long-lasting, sturdy, and doesn’t transfer motion as much. The style is entirely up to you – consider whether you prefer traditional, mid-century, canopy, modern, sleigh, or trundle.

2. Nightstands

Unless your bedroom is too small to fit them, nightstands are considered an absolute essential. They provide you space to put a glass of water, a book, a phone, or any other item you want close at hand. In addition, they are the perfect spot to place a lamp on, allowing you to enjoy a late-night bedtime reading session.

The best way to pick a nightstand is to first choose a bed frame and then go from there. Of course, nightstands don’t have to match the bed exactly, but considering how the two would complement each other is not a bad idea.

If you have the space for it, buy two nightstands – one for each side of the bed. That way, you will achieve the symmetrical look that is so coveted in interior design. Plus, you get extra storage space!

And speaking of storage space, it’s a huge bonus if your nightstand has a drawer or two. You can put small items in there and keep your room clutter-free.

3. Chest of Drawers

Another item that ranks high on the list of bedroom essentials is a chest of drawers. If your bedroom is spacious, feel free to buy one in any size you prefer. But even if it’s small, it’s a better idea to purchase a narrow chest of drawers than to have none at all.

Just like the nightstand, the chest of drawers should complement the bed and the rest of the furniture in your room. When picking the material, solid wood is always the best option, either with similar wood grain as the one found in your bed or a painted design that contrasts other pieces in the bedroom.

Ultimately, it’s important that the chest comes with several drawers – enough to store all your sheets, clothes, and other bedroom items. But it also shouldn’t be too bulky and take up too much space. As a rule, buy one that won’t block your walking paths in the room and consider its placement carefully.

4. Accent Chair

Chairs are typically associated with living and dining rooms, but home improvement experts claim that they are more than welcome in bedrooms as well. When chosen carefully and matched with the rest of the furniture, accent chairs can really bring your bedroom together and elevate its look from average to classy.

But accent chairs don’t only play an aesthetic role. They also provide a place to sit other than the bed, which could be particularly useful if you work from home and live in a noisy household. Also, an accent chair is a perfect spot to put your clothes or sheets when making the bed.

Of course, if your room is small, don’t try to squeeze in an accent chair at any cost. But if you have some extra space, it’s a great item to consider both for practical and aesthetic purposes.

5. Mirrors

Aside from allowing you to check whether you look presentable every morning, mirrors can do wonders for your bedroom’s design. Thanks to their reflective attributes, they make the space look lighter and larger than it is. That’s especially useful in smaller rooms, so make sure to add at least one mirror if yours is such.

And the best part is that mirrors don’t usually take up much floor space. You can, of course, buy a full-body standing mirror, which you’d have to place in some corner on the ground. But wall mirrors are definitely a better option if you lack room, and they serve their purpose just as well.

There are many things to consider when buying a mirror – shape, frame, and size are the most important ones. Mirrors with no frame or a simple frame are seen as more modern, and rounded mirrors bring softness into the room. Ultimately, the type of mirror you choose will largely depend on the overall aesthetic you are going for.

Other Items to Consider

We’ve covered some of the necessities, but that’s not to say you can’t include other items in your bedroom. If you have the space and if it fits your style, feel free to add a TV, under-the-bed storage, hampers, wall hooks, baskets, or plants.

Different types of lights can also drastically change how your bedroom looks, so consider adding fairy lights, warm salt rock lamps, or LED tape lights. And for extra softness and a cozy vibe, pick out a soft area carpet or some nice curtains.