5 Questions to Ask to Help You Successfully Decide on a Group Trip Destination

It can be easy to get stuck on deciding a destination, especially if you are planning to travel in a group. With multiple opinions, ideas, and personalities, everyone will not be on the same page when it comes to a destination. To successfully find the right place to travel with your friend, family, or colleagues you must break down the process into smaller questions to help you decide. You should also include everyone in this process to limit the number of disagreements and conflict and ask everyone to help with answering the big questions.

1. How much time do you have?

Travel is considered to be very beneficial to a person’s well-being, so choosing to spend the leisure time you have exploring has its own rewards. Determine how long you want your group vacation to be to help you decide on a destination. Do you want a weekend getaway, week vacation, or extended travel? Ask your group what amount of time works for them. Your destination depends on the location you are in and the amount of time you have to give to a vacation. Based on this you will be able to tell what destinations make sense to your circumstances and the ones that don’t.

Think, you wouldn’t want to try and go out of the country for a weekend getaway because you won’t have enough time to explore or experience anything. Longer distances should be kept for longer amounts of time.

2. How big is your group?

The size of your group matters as well. You want to pick a destination that will be easy to get to. When you have too many people it can make this difficult. The more people you have in your group will make it more difficult to stick together for travel. This means, depending on the distance of your destination, you may want to either rent a small or large charter bus or purchase bus tickets.

Determine who you are traveling with as well. What destination you decide on will be based on the kind of people you will bring with you. Are you taking a family trip? Or a girls trip? You don’t want to decide on a location that isn’t family-friendly if you are traveling with children. You want to focus on exciting cities or ones that fit your group type if you are vacationing with adults.

3. What activities does your group want to do?

The activities your group will be partaking in also helps you decide what kind of destination you want to visit. Make sure when you are planning activities that you consider the needs and desires of everyone in the group. Activities that may affect the type of destination you choose are:

    ●     Snorkeling
    ●     Skiing
    ●     Fishing
    ●     Swimming
    ●     Surfing
    ●     Amusement parks
    ●     Hiking
    ●     Beach walks
    ●     And etc.

Determine what kind of trip you want it to be to help you narrow your destination options. Do you want to focus on outdoor activities and sports or do you want to spend your time relaxing? If you want to explore, try visiting a destination that is unique in a culture that you know nothing of. If you are looking for fun and parties, try thinking about cities that are known for their vibrancy and nightlife.

4. What is your budget?

Your budget matters most. You should never overstep your budget and try to take on a destination that is too expensive. Make sure that you have an idea about what kind of money you all want to spend while you’re on your trip. Do you want to travel on a small budget or do you want to travel in luxury? All of this will help you figure the best destination options for your group.

You must also think about the costs of your accommodations and activities. Determine whether you want to book hotels or rent a home through Airbnb. What type of hotel and Airbnb matters, too. Do you want t basic home or a well-furnished mansion? It all depends on your travel budget. Consider if the destination requires certain gear and clothing, as well.

5. What kind of weather do you want?

Weather can either convince someone to travel to a specific destination or convince them not to. What kind of weather do you want to be in? Do you want more comfortable temperatures? Do you enjoy certain seasons? Think about this with your group to successfully choose a destination. Whether preferences will help you narrow your options tremendously. If you want cooler temperatures, it would be advised that you decide on northern places. Warmer destinations will be more popular and crowded, but they are ideal for those who want to stay away from the cold.