5 Shocking Reasons Why Everyone Needs Aviators

It’s 2019 and thick glasses are out. Instead everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Gucci high fashion models is donning aviator sunglasses. When the glamorous J. Lo. stepped out in her sexy no-no-nonsense studded frames, the world took notice. Her Roxanne Quays, a collaboration with YouTube superstar Jaclyn Roxanne Hill, sports mini- circular golden studs tracing the glass shape. Ready to get your own pair of aviators from your fave Quay online Australia retailer? Here are just a few reasons why you absolutely have to add them to your wardrobe this year.

Super Kardashian Glam for Everyone
Sure, Hollywood celebs and activists like Gloria Steinem love their aviators, but anyone can wear them. The gender-bending aviators look stunning on men and women and are one of the hottest sunglasses trends in 2019. The traditional menswear trend popularized first in World War II by General Douglas MacArthur, who donned the practical shades as part of his signature look, led to an explosion of sales among sportsmen. Their popularity eventually grew to include public figures like Elvis Presley, model Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Justin Bieber. Now everyone can wear the super stylish frames and look fabulous while protecting their eyes.

Cotton Candy Luxury
The classic aviator shape, or “pilot lens”, comes in an incredible array of hip styles and colors. The Gold-Gray sunglasses from Quay have dark gray lenses and luxurious gold frames. The Gold-Pink Lens is a fun cotton candy pink with the studs and gold frames. The Silver-Silver lens stuns in silver with silver mirrored lenses and silver frames. No matter your lifestyle – hipster to hectic, business to Boho, enjoy wearing these classy shades. Dress them up for an evening out or wear them at your next business meeting.

Aviators are perfect for every season. Protect your eyes from the sun’s glare against the snow, during outdoor activities, during the summer, or even at a business venture. Golfers, fishermen, working mums, and university students can enjoy these sunglasses year round.

Durability to Last
Want the best of the best? Aviators last. Unlike cheap frames that break easily when they are dropped or (oops!) sat on, aviator sunglasses have quality durable frames to withstand the elements. Most come with luxurious cases for additional protection and specially designed cleaning cloth to clean them safely. This additional protection will help you enjoy your shades for years to come.

Protect Your Eyes like the Stars
Excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays over a lifetime can easily lead to long-term eye damage like cataracts. Even during the colder months and cloudy days, your eyes can succumb to harmful rays. Aviator shades provide you with the highest level of eye protection. Their larger size will also protect the very delicate skin around your eyes, minimizing sun damage and wrinkles.

A Growing Trend
Overall the sunglasses market will continue to grow by almost twenty percent in the next two years. Unisex aviator sunglasses are leading that fashion charge. Whether worn for fashion or just to protect our aging eyes, sunglasses are a must-have for everyone.