5 Simple Tips for How to Make Money in College

Did you know that the national student loan debt in America is about $1.56 trillion in 2020? That is a lot of student loans to pay off. You are not alone in seeking out ways to make money while in college. 

Do you want to stop being a starving student? Or maybe you want to pay off student loans early and make some extra cash on your own. Keep reading for these five simple tips for how to make money in college and help you stay ahead of your bills.

1. Get An On-Campus Job

Are you looking for a job but need something close by? Try getting a job on campus. On-campus jobs are usually found at the libraries, dining halls, dormitories, student union, and more. 
An on-campus job is convenient because you will have all of the same holidays as the school observes. This means you won’t have to stay in town for Thanksgiving break if you don’t want to. On-campus jobs are also often understanding when it comes to academic responsibilities.

2. Work Off-Campus

Have you always wanted to be a barista or sandwich artist? Now is your time to shine! Try getting an off-campus job in a restaurant, coffee shop, or at a retail store. 

Working off-campus can have benefits such as tips if you work at a restaurant. It’s a good idea to have reliable transportation if you are going to work off-campus. Off-campus jobs are likely easier to get because there are more of them than the on-campus options. 

3. Tutor Fellow Students

If you are looking for flexibility and want to receive money quickly consider becoming a tutor. As a tutor, you can work your own hours and pick what subjects you’d like to help with. This is a nice way to make money while also assisting your friends in their studies. 

Tutors should charge an hourly rate to their clients. Pick your favorite subject and start tutoring in your dorm lounge.

4. Become a Brand Ambassador or Influencer

If you are passionate about a brand or love social media, think about working as a brand ambassador. If you are still wondering how to make money in college this is a fun way to do it. Some ambassadors get paid and others get free products.

5. Score a Paid Internship

Do you want to get paid while also working towards your career? Apply for paid internships in your field. An internship is a great way to make money while in college while gaining on the job experience. 

Now You Know How To Make Money In College

Now that you read these five tips you know how to make money in college. Get started today in order to make extra cash to pay your bills or save up for a spring break vacation. It can be hard to have a job and be a full-time student, but we know you can do it!
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