5 Things To Notice Before Buying Yourself Sewing Machine

Sewing is still an important home activity, and the sewing is an important tool for sewing and dressmaking. A sewing machine is handy to have at home to help you in fixing torn dresses, patching ripped jeans, making school costumes and other sewing-related activities. If you plan on starting at dressmaking or tailoring shop, you need to have two or more reliable sewing machines and equally reliable tailors or dressmakers. Whatever the purpose is for getting a sewing machine, there should be several things that need to be carefully considered when buying a new one.

1. Note the budget and the best machine you can buy with it

Get the best machine you can buy with your budget. Choose a sewing machine with a reasonable price and something that is durable and made with quality parts. This way, you can be sure that the machine will not break on you easily and can still be useful to you in the long run.

2. Check for stitches the machine can make

Check for the number of stitches the sewing machine can make, and make sure that the features and stitches are ones that you can actually use or will be used in the future. The fundamental stitches that you need to check that the machine should be doing are straight stitch and zigzag stitch. Almost all sewing can be accomplished with either of these stitches. You can also look for the following stitches in the features:

  • Buttonhole stitch – technically, the buttonhole stitch is just a zigzag stitch that is automated. Any sewing machine type that has a zigzag stitch should have a buttonhole feature. Try out this feature when testing a machine.
  • Blind hem stitch – this stitch is particularly useful in skirts and pants. It makes practically invisible hems for these garments.
  • Utility stitches – most machines can have this feature included, which includes stretch/knit stitch. Utility stitch features make the seams secure and can also serve as decorative stitches.

3. Test out the machine’s versatility in handling cloth types

When checking out sewing machines, remember to bring swatches and fabric samples to test out the machine. This is a good way of determining which machine works right for you. If you are a tailor, you may need a heavy-duty machine that can do the stitches on hard denim swatches and even leather ones. Also check or ask for the presser feet the machine comes with and test out other types. You may need the other types for a variety of sewing tasks in the future.

4. Get a feel of the machine

Getting a feel of the machine means you have to sit down and sew on the machine. This time, take a little while longer to observe the machine at work. Check how smoothly the machine runs. Does it make a lot of noise? How much control dot the feed dogs seem to have? How easy is the buttonhole? How is the stitch quality? The machine should be easy and comfortable to use and should have the right size for you to eventually use the machine like an extension of your body.

5. Buy from a dealership

Why buy your sewing machine from a dealership? Big chain store salespersons may not be able to assist you in threading your new machine or walk you through the different features effectively. Dealerships feature a wide variety of products and even those machines that are included in best sewing machine reviews. Also, from a dealership gets you plenty of resources – expert assistance, experienced help, advice and a machine owner class where you can be guided through all the features of the machine and how to best clean and maintain your machine. Dealerships also offer additional services that may not be offered by big chain stores – machine servicing, warranty, guarantee, trade-in offers and second-hand machine sale.

Buying a sewing machine isn’t an easy task. You’ll need to consider your budget, the features and ease of use when looking for a machine to buy. Think of buying one as an investment. You’ll be using it for a long time and for a variety of sewing tasks. Comfort and durability are also essential, as you’ll be frequently using this machine. So check closely the machine you’ll be buying and choose wisely for a great sewing experience.