5 Ways To Fall Back In Love With Your Home

You’ll probably remember a time when you were in love with your home, and how it looked. If you feel as though this love has since dissipated somewhat, then it’s time to begin duly adding and removing features that are going to help you look upon your home more favorably. When you don’t enjoy your home and adore every second you spend in it, it can get you down, make you feel unsettled, unfocused, and as though you’re stagnating. Getting dirty with paint and choosing a theme for each room can seem daunting, and that’s why there are quality painters available to help you get this job done efficiently. If you find yourself wondering, is there a painting contractor near me?, it may be a good idea to research the most qualified painters in your area and hire them to come and help with your new project. This will also ensure that if you have any problem, you can quickly get in contact with the company and sort it out.

It’s always good to enjoy a deep clean to remove dust and bacteria from surfaces, just as much as it is to rejig the appearance of the rooms, give the place a new lick of paint, and to find time to enjoy your home by entertaining and relaxing in it.

Have A Deep Clean

First things first, give your home a thorough clean. This means removing furniture out of the room in order to reach those hard to get to places and skirting boards, as well as window frames, panes, dusting behind the radiator, and removing stains wherever you can. A deep clean should involve mopping hard floors with disinfectant, scrubbing over carpets, giving the walls a wipe down, and removing errant spiderwebs lurking in crevices. YYou should also take down the curtains and wash them so that they’re cleaner and brighter, and cushions and blankets too. Don’t forget to check out these vent cleaning kits to give your dryers some tidying up as well.

You needn’t purchase a whole host of bleaches and other harsh products on the market to complete this operation, as you can use the likes of essential oils, lemon juice, vinegar and salt, and baking soda. These products also smell far less chemical than their more severe counterparts, so consider using them for your upcoming deep clean.

Replace The Soft Furnishings

Changing the appearance of your soft furnishings can go a long way as they can add a new aspect to your living spaces. You can swap the cushions and add sherpa fleece blankets around on your sofa, and switch the rug you currently have. You can also choose a new duvet set for your room, change the curtains for blinds or vice versa, and opt for new towels.

Reupholstering furniture can add a completely new look to the place, and doing so can be a lot of fun.

Change The Color Scheme

A fresh lick of paint can never go amiss, especially if you’ve been neglecting your paintwork for a few years. Consider painting both the inside of your home and the outside to reinvent its appearance entirely. If you’re concerned about splashing paint here and there or doing a less than satisfactory job of it, then turn to the professionals to give you a helping hand. Conducting a search for reputable painters or specialists can be as easy as typing “house painters near me” into the search engine and going with the best rated and reviewed teams.

Have an accent wall, or opt for a pale grey instead of white, alternatively paint the fences in your garden, the outside furniture, and the shed for instance.

Cut The Clutter

Having too much clutter in your home can obstruct some of the best features about it. When you’re feeling unsure about your house to start with, then your eye is naturally going to gravitate and focus on the negatives rather than its good side, but remember, that it does still have a good side; you just need to be reminded of it.

Go through each room in your house and throw away the clutter that really isn’t being used. Throw away items you’ve been keeping hold of, but know in your heart you won’t be using anytime soon. Recycle everything you can, and responsibly dispose of items that you cannot recycle. Cut clutter by being more clever with organizing your belongings and using shelves, draws, boxes, cupboards, and jars.

Add Plants And Flowers

Cheer the place up by adding a series of plants and flowers to your home. They can lift your mood, as well as add a pleasant fragrance to your home. Bouquets of flowers can add a wow factor to a room, so think about growing more flowers in your garden with the intention of using them inside your home, and using greenery too. Planting flowers and colorful plants in your garden is easy. Just make sure you have a shovel, rake, and a wheelbarrow you have the basic tools to DIY. Potted plants can inject some vibrancy into your bathroom, and dining spaces as long as you choose varieties that thrive in more damp and warm places, like spider plants, orchids, aloe vera, and sword ferns.

Flowers and plants are also thought to have a positive impact on both your physical and mental wellbeing, so don’t be afraid to welcome a small collection of them into your home.

With the above tips and tricks, you should be able to make some headway in falling back in love with your home all over again.