5 Women’s Skirt Fashions For Any Season

Women’s skirt fashions are seemingly endless, with each season bringing out tons of more skirt trends, year after year. And while some of these trends fade away pretty quickly, others tend to hang around indefinitely, with some becoming iconic, timeless pieces that survive the hands of time.

Some of these skirt trends might become iconic, while others are sure to fade in a few years. Regardless, these trends are making waves this year.

Long Tulle Skirts

A long tulle skirt is a loose-fitting, long skirt that generally hangs just below the knee. However, they are available in various lengths. The longer variant is perfect for winter, and their overall comfortability makes them ideal for casual wear.

Pairing a tulle skirt with combat boots is a stylish option for colder seasons, while ballet pumps or sneakers are ideal for warmer weather. That said, these skirts are pretty fashion-forward, so choose your outfit pieces with care to stay on par with the latest trends.

High-Waisted Minis

The high-waisted mini has made a comeback from the 90s, and nobody’s complaining. The previous ultra mini lowrise fit was a little too revealing for most of us, and hardly anyone had the perfectly petite frame to pull them off anyways.

Fortunately, the high-waisted variant is ideal for most body types, and it’s a rather flaunting cut for most of us. These skirts are ideal for warmer months, although you can pair them with tights for colder weather as well.

Pleated Minis

There are a few mini skirt trends out there that are taking over the fashion world this year. And among them is the pleated mini skirt. This particular style can be either casual or elegant, depending on what you pair with it.

What’s more, this skirt style is a lot more comfortable than the tighter-fitting high-waisted cut. So, it’s practical for most types of occasions, and you’ll be pretty comfortable and confident as well. The most trending styles include patterns, bold colors, and unique fabric choices.

Long Bodycon Skirts

Long bodycon skirts made an entrance into the fashion world a few years ago, and the likes of Kim Kardashian ensured the trend made a memorable mark. While this skirt cut is exceptionally flaunting and body-hugging, it is one of the more formal designs out there.

This skirt can be worn to various formal occasions if the fabric choice is correct. Moreover, you can also wear a long bodycon causally by opting for more comfortable fabric choices.

A-Line Minis

A-line mini skirts are high-waisted cuts, although they aren’t figure-hugging like the regular high-waisted mini. These minis are ideal for most body types, and they can be pretty comfortable. The iconic Sabrina series fuelled the popularity of the a-line cut, and we can assume it’s here to stay for a while due to the overall popularity of the trend.

There are several other exceptional skirt styles out there that are worth trying, especially if you’re constantly adding to your fashion-forward wardrobe. And while some skirts might seem unsuitable for colder weather, most can be pulled off in colder weather by adding layers.