7 Fashion Tips For Color Coordinated Grooms

Today’s grooms aren’t just taking the easy way out, sticking with all black and white penguin suits for their wedding day. It’s becoming more and more common for American grooms to incorporate bold color into their attire. In fact, famous wedding planner and designer Jov Meyer says that she “encourage(s) grooms to really have fun with it! A wedding is a celebratory occasion, after all.”

Globally, weddings are colorful ceremonies in every aspect, including fashion. While Americans often stick to white wedding gowns and black tuxes, they use carefully selected wedding colors to brighten up the celebration. Many couples will have a color theme with a specific palette that ties everything together from the wardrobe and accents to the flowers and even the wedding decorations.

A groom’s main wardrobe decision might be to decide how much color he is comfortable with. From discrete accents to full-color suits, the choices are endless. Just be careful that the colors you select are from the wedding color palette so that you don’t clash. Here are 7 colorful fashion suggestions for the groom.

#1. Suits Don’t Have To Be Black or Gray

According to the premier wedding planning website The Knot, menswear for weddings has seen a surge in color changes in the last decade that not only includes more grays and navy, but also bolder colors like purples, other shades of blue, even reds and pinks. It’s anything goes these days with men taking a much more active role in wedding planning and decision making than ever before. In addition to selecting a colorful suit, men can also play with different patterns and fabric choices depending on their style, the wedding theme, and season.

#2. The Right Socks On Your Feet

According to No Cold Feet, socks are a great way to bring the various wedding colors into your outfit. Colorful or patterned socks can add depth to your wedding day look and although they only get seen in flashes, they can add a bit of fun and personality to your look. Coordinating socks also make a great groomsmen gift so that all the men can look stylish together. Wedding guests will be seriously impressed by this level of attention to detail.

#3. Perfect Ties And Pocket Squares

If you favor a more traditional black suit or tux, you can still have fun incorporating the wedding colors into your choice of tie or pocket squares. A long tie or a bow tie can be a bold color or a subtle accent with a small amount of color and a neat pattern. A pocket square is an elegantly folded handkerchief that sticks slightly out of the suit breast pocket. You might be needing a hankie to wipe away tears of happiness when you see your bride walking down the aisle towards you anyway. You can have fun researching the different pocket square folds to find one that matches your style.

#4. Colorful Tuxedo Accents

The tie and pocket square aren’t your only option for a pop of color or personality. You can go with unique cufflinks with monograms or something that goes with your personalities like guitars for musicians or superhero logos for the geeky grooms. Some men even choose to add a lapel pin or some jewelry to their finished look. Even suspenders are making a come back and they can be basic black or a fun color as well.

#5. Flowers For The Groom

Speaking of the lapel, many grooms opt to wear the groom’s boutonniere. A boutonniere is a small flower arrangement that matches the bride’s that can be pinned to the lapel of their suit or tux. This is an elegant splash of color that will flow effortlessly with the bride’s outfit and bouquet. The boutonniere can be just for the groom or the groomsmen can have a version as well. Who said flowers are only for the bride, anyway?

#6. Make The Groom’s Outfit Stand Out

A stylish groom wants to steal a little bit of the spotlight for himself on his wedding day. Why not have the groomsmen be more traditional while the groom steps out with a bold colored suit or some flashy accessories with colors and patterns that match the wedding colors? Having the groom stand out in a different suit really makes the wedding photos pop and sparkle with personality.

#7. Seasons and Themes Can Help Color Your Outfit

The time of year will certainly have an impact on your outfit choice. A winter wedding could have you picking a heavier fabric and experimenting with different materials to keep you warm. A summer wedding might include brighter colors or even lead to a less casual theme. The venue and theme will also play a major role. Is your wedding taking place at a historic church followed by an elegant traditional reception, or are you going for a barefoot at the beach wedding? Some couples choose a quirky theme such as Disney, Harry Potter, or a holiday theme. It’s a special day and should reflect the tastes and interests of the bride and groom as well as any ethnic traditions from either side.

#8. Beyond Basic Dress Shoes

Finally, let’s discuss the groom’s shoes. Leather dress shoes are the norm and are usually black or brown depending on the suit color. You can surprise everyone with red or even gold shoes if you’re bold. Some grooms have even strutted down the aisle in fancy gold or silver tennis shoes. That’s between you and the bride. Shoes can also be changed for the reception as you get ready to unwind and dance the night away.

No matter how you choose to display it, adding color to your wedding attire will make the day and your wedding photos even more memorable. Consult your wedding planner and bride-to-be, to make sure your colors fit the wedding theme and that everyone looks flawless on the big day.