7 of the Best Casinos in the World for Anyone Who Loves to Gamble

North America, with cities like Las Vegas, has over 1,600 casinos to visit, but there are many other grand places to gamble around the globe. So, your travels never have to inhibit your love of playing slots and tables games.

If you are going to Vegas or abroad then you should plan your trip based on the best casinos in the world. 

Read on to find out the top 7 places to try your luck. 

1. The Bellagio in Las Vegas

While the Bellagio isn’t the largest casino in America it is arguably the most entertaining. After all, the united states still has intertops. The highlight for both guests and passing pedestrians is the Bellagio fountain that lights up the strip every night with a grand water show.

Plus, don’t forget about the premier gaming options, from its 40-table poker room, race and sports betting area, and over 2,300 slot and poker machines. 

2. Sun City Casino in South Africa

Travel just two hours from Johannesburg to reach one of the most famous casinos in South Africa built in 1979. You will be surrounded by lush gardens and wildlife. 

However, Sun City also has as much gambling action as Las Vegas, and this casino is no exception. It has about 40 table games open for your chance to try blackjack,  roulette, and poker. 

3. Casino Baden-Baden in Germany

This hidden gem has been the best casino in the world for the elite of Europe for over 150 years. Find it among the rolling hills and Black Forest of Germany. 

The Casino’s structure mimics the classic romanticism of the Palace of Versailles. Inside, the decor produces more whimsical glamor with grand chandeliers. Under the mood-lite casino lie upscale poker and table games that will make you feel like a high roller no matter the number of chips in your stack.


4. Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

The original Monte Carlo casino is just as eye-catching and just as old as the Baden-Baden casino but with one addition: a Mediterranean vibe. Palms trees and a distant coast lore you in while the elegant European charm keeps you amazed.

It may be difficult to step away from the high-rolling table games played by international celebrities, but it is worth a step outside to explore glorious Monaco.

5. Grand Lisboa Casino in Macau

This hotel casino stands 47-floors high as one of the tallest buildings in Macau, China. It’s also one of the biggest casinos in the world with a huge dome lite by over a million LED lights. 

The gaming space indoors is also impressive with over 1,000 slots and 800 tables. Be sure to take a break gambling by seeing one of the casino’s popular shows. 

6. Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut


What is the largest casino in the world? You can find many of the biggest in Macau, however, in North America, Foxwoods Resort wins. Included in its 6 casinos is 4.7 million square feet of gambling area. This includes over 7,000 slot and video machines and 17 types of games, even a bingo hall. 

7. Venetian in Las Vegas

Head back to Vegas where you won’t get any no deposit bonus – Slotswise like from your online gambling, but you will witness the ambiance of Italy replicated in one casino. 

After taking a gondola through the water-filled streets of the casino’s shops, explore 120,00 square feet of playing space then visit the world-class spa to unwind. 

Seeing the Best Casinos in the World

Many of these best casinos in the world could be on your bucket list of places to see. To explore all of your gambling dreams look for membership deals and sign up for frequent players’ cards to earn points toward rooms and free playing points.

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