7 Staples to Update Your Wardrobe for Fall

Fall is in full swing, which means it’s time for pumpkin spice lattes, fall foliage, and of course, sweater weather. But just because you’re feeling a little chill in the air doesn’t mean you’re stuck wearing sweaters for the rest of the season. This year, feel free to step outside of your standard fall ensembles with these seven staples.

Printed silk skirts

While bundling up for fall weather generally involves a pair of jeans and a thick coat, you can still incorporate some flirty fashions into your fall wardrobe. In fact, a printed silk skirt creates the perfect juxtaposition when worn with a pair of tights and a chunky knit sweater.

Haven’t got a silk skirt on hand? No problem. Dress up your favorite dresses and bodycon skirts with a fall sweater or a structured jacket for a similarly stunning effect.

Rose gold jewelry

When it comes to accessorizing for fall, you really don’t need to change too much to achieve a stylish look. However, there are certain materials that lend themselves to the autumn aesthetic, rose gold being one of them. Its neutral yet elegant copper-like tone perfectly complements the shades of the season, making rose gold accessories a must.

Start by swapping out those colorful summer statement earrings for a pair of simple rose gold huggie earrings would do the trick. Add in one of these rose gold watches for women or a simple chain necklace to achieve a more cohesive look.

Cozy scarves and headwear

Every fashionista knows that there’s a balance to strike between fashion and function, but the two are not mutually-exclusive. Scarves and headwear are two examples of fall essentials that both add to your ensemble while also serving an important purpose: keeping you cozy at all times.

When it comes to finding a unique scarf to suit your style, opting for handknit options is the way to go. Check out these knitwear shops on Etsy:

● LittleBluePedalCar
● Seuphoria
● Nevita
● ClaraRuthScarves
● SciFi Knits
● MouseGarden
● KnittingHappens

As far as headwear goes, some of our favorite styles for the fall season include:

● Newsboy cap
Custom headwear styles
● Wool wide-brimmed hat
● Knit beanie
● Laid-back baseball cap
● A signature long coat

Trenches are a staple look of the fall season, so if your closet is missing one, it may be time to invest. Marked by their long shapes, trendy styles, and undeniable functionality, trench coats are ideal for both fall and winter fashions.

Some of the top styles for fall 2020 include:

● Faux leather trenches
● Fuzzy sherpa coats
● Classic structured trench
● A signature cropped coat

In addition to your longer, warmer coat, it’s a good idea to have a few other varieties to dress up your fall ensembles, and of course, stay warm. Wear them with a dress, sweater and skirt combo, or your favorite fall t-shirt and jeans. The combinations are seriously endless!

Some of the top trends you’ll see for 2020 fall jackets include:

● Quilted jackets
● Oversized denim jackets
● Utility coats
● Cropped wool jackets
● Printed blazers

Functional and fashionable footwear

While fall styling might seem to be pretty seamless at the start, it can get relatively complicated when it comes to selecting the right footwear. Boots tend to be a pretty safe choice as there are so many varieties out there — lace ups, chelseas, heeled faux leather boots, etc. However, there are tons of other options worth considering as well:

● Chunky heel pumps
● Mules
● Sporty sneakers
● Pointed slingback pumps

Statement sweaters

Okay, we would never fully count out sweaters for the fall season. After all, the temperatures are starting to drop and cozying up to a warm wool or nicely knit sweater is sounding better than ever. However, it’s important to note that your staple sweaters can go beyond the oversized and cropped silhouettes.

This season, go for the bold by investing in a few statement sweaters. A bright pop of color, puffy sleeves, or a sweater embellished with whimsical pom poms can be fun and fashionable takes on your classic fall attire.

Final notes on fall styling

As we enter the autumn season, keep these seven staples in mind as you swap out your summer wardrobe for fall. Which of these style staples are you going to try out first? Let us know in the comment section below!