7 Things You Need For Your Next Road Trip

Who doesn’t love a road trip? And what better than owning gadgets that will make your road trip more convenient, fun, and easy. A road trip means a lot of your time will be behind the wheel. But, the good news is, you can enhance your experience of the trip by having gadgets and using services like Limo Find, that will make your drive safer and enjoyable.

There are many things to look into before a road trip- your car needs to be tuned up, of course. But, apart from that, you can make other upgrades to have a fun trip.

Years back, a road trip consisted of mixtapes and paper maps, but things are different now. From charging your phone to making coffee inside the car, there are many upgrades you can do.

Whether it’s charging your devices on the go or keeping your interiors clean, these creative gadgets will cover all your essential needs while on the road.

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1. Wireless Car Mount

A smartphone is the most important gadget to have while on a road trip. That makes having a smartphone car mount a necessity. Wireless car mounts can help you navigate through your phone easily while driving.

It can be mounted on your windshield or your dash, and you can wirelessly charge your phone. It also has a telescopic arm and dual USB ports for other passengers too.

2. Breathe Analyzer

While it is highly discouraged to drink a drive, there is also the necessity to have a breathe analyzer to let you know if you are legally capable of driving. There are top quality breathe analyzers that come with police-grade technology.

Some of these alcohol testers are super easy to use and read and give accurate results. Some even come with disposable mouthpieces for good hygiene. There are a variety of alcohol testers available today.

3. Car Charger

Car chargers are another essential gadget for every road trip. You will find chargers with a single port or with multiple ports. It is advisable to carry chargers that have multiple ports because most probably, you will not be traveling alone.

Car chargers that have a high amp, such as 2.4, are recommended for fast charging. They can either be mounted on the dash or attached to any surface inside the car.

You can purchase top quality car chargers from trusted websites online or from an electronics store nearby.

4. Mirror Dash Camera

A dashcam is one of the best car gadgets you should own for every road trip. Safety comes first when you are taking long journeys, and that can be provided if you have a dashcam installed.

It will help in recording the fun moments of you and your friends while on the trip. But, most importantly, it will also provide proof of evidence in case of any accidents on the way to police agents and insurance companies.

5. Car Coffee Maker

With technology comes convenience. Such convenience is the availability of hot coffee, even while driving. A car coffee maker is a great gadget for the coffee lovers and also for drivers generally to keep them fresh and focused when behind the wheel.

There are premium quality coffee makers that can easily be plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter and can deliver barista-quality coffee in just a few minutes.

These coffee makers are compact enough to fit inside the car easily, and few of them work with both ground coffee and pods.

6. Tile Mate

A tile mate is another cool gadget that you should carry with you. It’s a good idea to carry an extra set of car keys while on a road trip, but that won’t be necessary when you use a tile mate.

Tile Mate is a cost-effective tracker that you can hook with your set of keys or even phones. Once hooked to your keys, you can use your phone to track your keys in case you lose them, and it will also buzz an alarm in such an event.

A Tile Mate can also be placed inside your car to track where you have parked your car.

7. Smart Tire Safety Monitor

Keeping track of air in the tires is another important thing to take care of while traveling. There are smart tire safety monitors that detect any leaks in the tires. The tire pressure can be tracked in real-time through your mobile phone.


Car gadgets have become a necessity since they help in making our travels safe and easy. There is a multitude of car gadgets that are available these days. When purchasing such gadgets, care should be taken in choosing the ones that are of top quality so that they last longer and are more efficient.