A Collection of Poems by Zamy Maa.

Zamy Maa

love in every breath i in —
i meds about the ocean in my mouth
scarlet seas in the south
heat seep from every curve
the sudden urge to undress
i vibrate


many moons pass
but the one before last, I came to
realizing there was no brick wall bigger than I
five feet tall
& yet enough to chain my mindv
to a thought that I thought when thoughts were lost between my ears
all along the sea was right behind me
and now I’m here
at the the coast
toes soaked
waiting to jump —
waiting for what?
is it not enough to c my reflection ?

Zemy Maa

there are parts of me

so black that they look blue

hues faster than the sound

of you at 4:40 in the afternoon

when winter stole half a day of sunlight 
and hid the moon

just a little cold weather

don’t you remember when snow made you run outside in full suit to climb the ice dunes

red in the face just to get a taste of

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