A guide to the best 6 concert halls in Germany

Germans love their music, and anyone visiting even the smallest cities will come across a concert hall. It’s a place where all ages gather to enjoy top-class entertainment, with the venues providing excellent views and sound in return for the ticket prices which are affordable to all in the cheaper seats.

Some venues provide free concerts at midday, while Sunday evenings can provide excellent value for money with their cheaper admission prices. Return tickets are often available for even peak shows a couple of hours before they commence, meaning even those only visiting for a night over the weekend get the chance to attend. So, in no specific order, let’s have a look at arguably the best 6 concert halls around Germany.

Let’s start with the capital Berlin, where the Konzerthaus in Gendarmenmarkt in the Mitte district of the city has been entertaining attendees in its present location since 1821. Initially, the National Theatre was badly damaged during World War II before being reopened as a concert hall in 1984, staging a house orchestra and gaining a reputation as one of the best in the world.

∙ Cologne is another city with plenty of history, with its Kölner Philharmonie, which sees many European tours visit, thanks in part to its unique spaceship-like interior rather than the shoe box style found in Berlin, which provides incredible sounds and an atmosphere all its own without any distractions that could be provided by a vibrator. It provides a modern feel with excellent up-to-date facilities, with the hall first opening its doors to concertgoers in 1984.

∙ Wuppertal, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia offers a fantastic experience for any visitor with its monorail-type Schwebebahn following the river, which might be a good way to get to Historische Stadthalle. Home to the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra, the fine architecture and amazing acoustics have been rebuilt after previous war damage, with the first concert being held at the hall in 1900.

∙ Back to Berlin for their Philharmonie, first opened in 1963, being considered the best of the nation’s modern concert halls. No concertgoer is far from the stage owing to the terrace design of the seating, with the world-renowned Berliner Philharmoniker being the host orchestra which sees tickets being in high demand.

∙ Bochum is another northwest German city with a great background of staging concerts. Opened in 2016 Musikforum Ruhr has attracted top performers with the entrance to the venue being built inside the façade of an old church which creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for performers and the audience alike.

∙ The architectural magnificence created when the Elbphilharmonie opened in Hamburg in 2017 sees the building on top of an old warehouse by the river Elbe. Tours are available if a concert isn’t on, with the hall considered to be the most expensive in the world.

There is a vast range of concert halls throughout Germany to enjoy incredible music, where tradition and history sit alongside modern venues guaranteeing a wonderful time.