A Trip to Bryce Canyon: An Adventurous and Relaxing Experience for the Whole Family

Bryce Canyon may not be as popular as the Grand Canyon is, but it is definitely one of the top five most famous Canyon Parks in all of America. In fact, some may argue that in some ways, Bryce Canyon and its surroundings can actually offer a better experience to the visitors. That argument aside, if you are planning a trip to Utah and Bryce Canyon anytime soon though, it can be a wonderful adventurous experience for both adults and kids.

Take Hikes that are Short and Beautiful

When you are traveling with the whole family, you do not want your hikes to be too demanding, of course, so take the Queen’s Garden Trail or maybe the more famous Navajo Loop. Not only are they short enough to be completed in a few hours at the latest, the route is also not difficult to traverse or navigate at all. Most importantly, these routes will take you really close to the famous hoodoo formations, which both kids and adults will love. Try to take the hikes roughly two hours before sunset and the hoodoos will come alive with the setting sun’s light, creating a magical view.

The Bed and Breakfast Options are Excellent

When you go to visit Bryce Canyon National Park, you can either head over there and stay the night before you get an early start in the morning, or you can reach the place early in the morning and spend the night at a bed and breakfast near Bryce Canyon.

The Slot Canyons Inn comes highly recommended as it offers one of best experiences in the area in terms of food (fresh burgers, steaks, pizzas, specials exclusive to the inn, etc.) and luxurious lodging.

In fact, this particular bed and breakfast near Bryce Canyon has been officially identified as being built on a location that happens to be the oldest human habitation on the Northern Colorado Plateau! Even if you don’t find this fact to be charming enough, rest assured that the Inn’s location right in between Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Parks will offer views that are nothing short of stunning.

It’s Not Just About the Bryce Canyon

This is the beauty of a visit to the Bryce Canyon National Park area; there’s just so much more to see here. There’s the Lower and Upper Calf Creek Falls, the Slot Canyons, the Escalante Canyons and, of course, the Red Canyon.

This is not even a full list and it’s already looking like quite an adventure, which it most certainly is. When you visit Bryce Canyon National Park, you are near so much natural beauty that you will never get bored during your trip.

The fall and winter months are recommended if you would prefer to avoid both the heat and the crowds, but enjoy everything that the region has to offer. The entire state of Utah is filled with rocky, natural wonders and the Bryce Canyon National Park often acts as the gateway attraction to them all.