After Nearly 20 Years, Texas Lawmakers Vote to Deregulate Natural Hair Braiding.

Solange Braids
(Getty Images)

This past Thursday, lawmakers in the Texas House of Representatives voted unanimously to abolish Bill HB 2717, a law that forced hair braiders in the state to comply with what they felt to be unnecessary regulations and certification requirements.

The decision comes just months after celebrity hair-braider Isis Brantley, one of the most vocal and visible opponents to the law, won a case where she argued that the excessive regulations made it impossible for her to grow her business, Institute of Ancestral Braiding.

Brantley, who was arrested in 1997 for violating the law, and has been fighting it ever since, was overjoyed over the law finally being abolished.

“I fought for my economic liberty because I believe there is a lot of hope for young people who seek to earn an honest living,” said Brantley. “This vote by the Texas House means aspiring hair braiders from across the state are one step closer to being able to practice an ancestral art that dates back centuries, and do so without a government permission slip.”

According to Newsone, a similar bill is expected to pass in the Texas Senate.