All You Need to Know About Having Sex On Your Period

There has been a lot of mixed emotions about having sex during your menstrual cycle. If this is something that you enjoy, or vice versa do not enjoy, either way there is no shame. Your period is a natural process for the female body and if you don’t wish for it to affect your sex life, then don’t let it.

Having sex whilst on your period, for the most part will cause no problems, in fact it is actually a healthy activity to share with your partner, which can strengthen the bond between the two of you. As long as you’re not squeamish at the sight of blood, you’ll be all good. As a precaution to protect your sheets or furniture, lay a couple of towels down to catch any of the mess.

If you have any fears or questions, don’t worry, as we are about to dive into a complete guide to having sex on your period.


– First let’s go into a bit more depth about what is already mentioned above, having sex on your period is a very good way of establishing a firm level of trust within your relationship. It can bring you closer and help you to feel more comfortable with each other, in turn maybe even helping you to share other sexual, or non-sexual activities together that you wouldn’t have otherwise tried.

– Some females actually get a lot of physical comfort out of having sex whilst on their period, with several studies showing that sex can reduce the impact on your menstrual cramps, if you reach climax. During your menstrual cycle your uterus contracts to release its lining. Similarly, when you orgasm, your uterus also contracts, and then releases. This is thought to provide some relief from the pain.

– Having sex whilst on your period could lead to a shorter bleed, as orgasms can push out the uterine contents faster.

– No need for lubricants! The blood will work as a natural form of lube, beneficial for women who struggle to self-lubricate or for men who enjoy that wet feeling during sex.

– Differing between different women as to the specific timing of their increased libido, women tend to feel a higher sex drive whilst ovulating. Sometimes this could happen a fortnight before your period starts, or others feel more turned on during the period itself, and thus providing more pleasure.

Best sex positions during your period

#1 – Spooning sex

Since your period can cause pain and discomfort, you may not be feeling as active as usual. The spooning position gives a close link to your partner without putting yourself in any acrobatic positions.

#2 – Cowgirl

On the other hand, if you are someone who gets particularly in the mood during your period. Spice ufpp your sex life with the cowgirl position. Not only do you have control over the depth of the penetration, it also puts you in control of the position of the penis which is most comfortable for your cramps.

#3 – Missionary

Missionary is a standard sex style, but in this case can benefit as simply lying down will ease period side effects. It is also gentle and intimate.

#4 – Doggy style

Doggy style is possibly your most hygienic option leaving minimal mess behind. Keep your hips up and hands against a wall and there may not even be the need for a towel.

Sex furniture

Using sex furniture is perfect for transforming your sex life for the better. From extreme restraints, bondage boards and obedience benches all of these can be used during your period. Even better, most of these are dark material and easy to wipe clean. Check for ideas on spicing up your bedroom.

Side effects

We have already covered the main side effect, that being the mess, and the possibility of just covering up your sheets to avoid stains. So this in itself isn’t a reason to fear too much.

Anxiety is probably a big factor for both the male and female participant. Be open with each other about what you are doing, talk it through and offer each other support and nurture.

Arguably the biggest worry is the risk of transmitting sexual infections or diseases. Unprotected sex during your period can come with an increased chance of spreading viruses that flow in the blood, like HIV or hepatitis. Consider using a condom to make the activity safer for the both of you.

Risk of pregnancy

Can I get pregnant? Technically, yes you can. It is not impossible to get pregnant at any point during your cycle, although the odds are lower during your period. If you are not trying to conceive you would still be advised to use protection.

You are most likely to get pregnant during your ovulation period, which is around 14 days before your period, however the length of your bleed also has an impact on this. The shorter your cycle, the higher risk of becoming pregnant you will have.


Just to finish off, let’s go through some tips or advice whilst having sex on your period.

– Use a dark coloured towel

– Have a damp cloth handy to clean up with after

– Use latex condoms

– Always remember to remove your tampon before intercourse!

– Don’t be afraid to communicate any hesitations or discomfort with your partner

– Don’t be afraid to change positions if one isn’t working for you