Allure Lets You Know That Yes, You Can Have an Afro. Even if You Have Straight Hair.” #RachelDolezal

Allure Afro

In the latest installment of “Not Sure if Trolling — Fashion Magazine Edition” Allure magazine lets the straight-haired girls of the world know that they can finally be themselves… by sporting a natural.

After a reader shared the above snap from the publication’s August issue on Twitter, folks had some questions, and comments.

The article also included this little gem:

“An Afro is not an introvert’s hairstyle. “It’s ballsy and powerful,” says McMilan. “This is confident hair.”

You hear that, straight-haired women of the world? If you’re feeling down in the dumps, just try sporting the same hairstyle that countless black women have been ridiculed and denied employment for. It’s fiiiierrrce. No shade. Twerk.

Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a sad attempt at an “Afro.”

Last year, beauty and hair vlogger EskimoHair drew sharp criticism after she tried to claim this hot mess was an Afro.

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