Ameena Matthews. A Black Woman That Rocks.

Ameena Matthews Activist

Ameena Matthews is a community activist on a mission. She was recently awarded for her hard work in trying to eradicate violence on the gang ridden streets of the south side of Chicago at BET’s annual ‘Black Girls Rock‘ show. She brought down the house with a raw and heart felt acceptance speech at the recent show. Ameena garnered attention after the release of the film ‘The Interrupters,’ that was showcased at the Sundance film festival in 2011. In the film you get a gritty look of what life is like of a ‘violence interrupter,’ an actual job title she holds at the Chicago Project for Violence Prevention’s Ceasefire Program. Not many could do the work she’s doing, her efforts are certainly commendable. Ameena Matthews is a black girl, black woman that rocks!